March 16, 2010

My belly is becoming a bump!!!

I thought I had a bump at 6 weeks, then it went away. Then I thought I had one at 8 weeks and it went away. Now that I am 10 weeks and 2 days I think it's here to stay. I wake up and it's there already.. it's not a belly full of food.. it's Peanut growing inside of me belly. Yesterday morning I put on a pair of high waisted pair of work trousers and to my surprise the zipper would not even come up! I thought, I would just put my magic band over it but it all felt too snug for my likings. I swear I could fit into them last week. The good thing is that I did buy some comfy baggy pregnancy trousers last weekend, so today I put them on and wow the comfort is amazing. I can sit and they don't cut into my belly. It's as if I don't have anything on. Maternity trousers rock!!
I got a call from my clinic and my doctor cannot see us Thursday so we go see her tomorrow instead. This is super happy news for us. We get to see our Peanut a day earlier!! I wonder if we will see the baby moving about this time or whether we will get to hear his/her heart beating for the first time. I am so super excited!!! D was reading up and he told me that Peanut has hair and fingernails growing this week. How amazing is that?? I keep looking at my belly to see if I'll be able to see some any movement but of course it's too early for that. There is one thing for sure, I am loving all of these changes and updates and seeing our baby developing from an embryo to a baby!! Life sure is amazing!


  1. The bump is so cute!!! Can't wait to see this week's u/s pics!!!

  2. Yay for baby bump! I'm so jealous you can now wear maternity pants! I was at Target on Sunday and of course I walked by the maternity secion and "casually browsed" some maternity clothes. It's the first time I've actually allowed myself to do that. It's still too early of course, I haven't even had my egg retrieval yet. But I can dream!

  3. Cute cute. I felt movement shortly after 18 weeks, that first real kick is such an amazing feeling. Just wait till you can see your whole belly move and change shape - SO AMAZING. That would be cool if you are able to hear the heart beat tomorrow. Do you think you will rent a doppler? I rented one from babybeat when I was pregant (over the internet)...its so nice and gives such peace of mind to be able to hear your babies heart beat when ever you want.

  4. thank you ladies!! Emily - I will put pics up soon!!
    Baby - you will be shopping and wearing maternity clothes in no time sweetie!Cannot wait for your update!!
    Melissa - I cannot wait to feel the baby move but today for the first time we saw him/her move about!! It was the most amazing of feelings!! I want a doppler but D won't let me get one in case I get addicted to it and he is probably right!!LOL!