September 1, 2010

Sod's law

It's so typical of me to say how everything is great and on schedule and then the very next day I got very painful stabbing pains deep down in my "lady area". I was fine all day at work, then I after work I went into town and I started to feel a bit of preassure as I was walking around the shops but nothing major. I waited for D and we went home together and I was fine but when we got home it started and boy do they hurt. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife down there. I held my breath and instinctively put my hand down there to "protect" my parts. I tried sitting down but they kept on coming and Izzy was moving like crazy too. Then I laid down and slowly slowly they went. I drunk lots of water then went to pee and it kind of hurt when I passed urine which is weird as it never happened before. I took it easy and eventually they went. They felt more intense then last time and they lasted longer too, we are still talking about a matter of seconds but they surely did hurt. We didn't go to the hospital as they eventually went and we would have gone if they had continued but as they didn't, I didn't see the point.

Today was meant to be a happy day. D got his beloved car back after waiting for 3 weeks for the mechanics to fix it and in the afternoon we are supposed to get our much awaited cot bed and toy chest. Well instead we got into an argument over D's dad visit in October. He is a very stubborn man who makes his plans and then you are supposed to change your entire schedule around him. So D tells me his dad sent his travel details and that he has already booked his flights. He has booked them so he will arrive at 2am on the 10th of October which is my due date and leave on the 16th at another crazy hour. I went nuts. It drives me nuts how he just makes his plans and does not consult D about any of it, then makes the decision to come on the 10th assuming Izzy is already born when we all know babies come when they want to come and his ticket isn't even flexible so that he can change it should things change. Also the idea of spending 6 days at home with him and my parents and for every day for him to tell Izzy to hurry up will drive me up the walls! I can talk to my parents and tell them off when they step out of line or get on my nerves but it's different with him. I told D I couldn't handle this.. he needs to change his tickets and actually book flexible ones so should things change he can make different arrangements. I swear this man has always made selfish decisions so I don't see why the fact that his first granddaughter is close to being born should change things. He probably expects her to be born when he says so just because that's how he is used to treating everyone around him, D and his family included.

D is taking care of it but in the meantime we had a huge fight and now I am upset and know that he is upset as he hate confronting his dad and now my cramps are back. What a mess of a day.. we hadn't had a fight since I got pregnant until today.. but surely enough I knew that if we had one, it would have been over something like this. I hate feeling like so upset and wound up especially whilst at work as I cannot hide my tears and people look at me as if I have lost my mind, not that I care! I am gonna listen to my meditation and try chillax myself and Izzy who seems to know things are not good and who is moving around like a crazy child! I must try do better for her sake.. I don't want to go into premature labour over something so stupid!! So here goes.. breath in... and slowly breath out..


  1. aww, I am sorry you had such a hard day. I am hoping by the time this comment reaches you that you are feeling better.

    P and I almost never fight anymore... except when it comes to (his) family. Your description of your father-in-law reminded me of my father-in-law, as well as my brother-in-law.

    Thinking of you!

  2. sending you big hugs laura. sucks to fight over someone who's being selfish. i know i'd flip out if this happened. big, positive, happy thoughts for you and baby :o)

  3. I would be positively twitching if my inlaws made plans like that! Stay cool Mama! It will work out.

  4. Ahhhh....try to take it easy and don't stress yourself out. I know its hard when it comes to the in-laws ( I speak from experience) :o)

    Breath in....breath out... (pretend like your in labor)