September 13, 2010

Hot and cold

One minute I am fine the next I am not so great... I suppose this is what the last month of pregnancy is meant to feel like. If one moment I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to the next all I can do is drag my ass to the sofa before I pass out. Yesterday at work I had this dull pain in my lower abdomen that truly felt like BH/contractions. One minute my whole bump would be hard as a rock and then the pain would go and Izzy would move like crazy and on and on it went for about 2 hours. I walked around a lot but it would not go away. Finally by the time I went home it finally went and I was super energetic again. I did a lot of organising around the house and cooked dinner. Then D got home and went outside to finish trimming the hedges of the garden (which now looks so so good!) and I went outside to help collect the grass. I went back inside hang up the washing and by this stage I started feeling BH again. So I laid down and did nothing else for the evening until it was bed time! I suppose it's my body's way of telling me to take it easy and not push myself too hard.

My mom tells me to take it easy and not do too much but I feel like there is still so much to be done before they arrive and before Izzy arrives. Her room is as good as ready but I still want to do a few things before they get here on the 26th that otherwise I won't have time to do. I bought Izzy a few sleep suits that will fit her from 3-6 months just in case she is born big and we won't have anything at home (I know crazy but had to be done!) and so I washed all of them together with new bed sheet for the guest beds that I want to iron and prepare for when my parents get here so they have two sets to last them a while! I also want to organise D's dad single bed which is as good as ready apart from the bed sheets. Tonight is ironing night. I suppose once I am done with this I should be done but knowing me, I'll find something new to keep myself busy with!!

I got inspired by reading Mare's blog about how she joined a quilting class. It got me thinking about how I would love to quilt Isabella her own quilt to keep in years to come. I told D and he thinks it's a great idea. I think I will leave this until my mom gets here. We made this wonderful quilt when I was still at school as part of my final year project. We picked the material together and spent hours on end working on it so I think it would be amazing to do something similar for my daughter. D has even said he can help with the pattern and picking the material. All I know for sure it's that I'd like it to have her birthday on it and her name. For now I'll start thinking patterns and ideas...

Last night before bedtime D and I went into Izzy's room to test the new lamp in the dark and it looks great. It gives out just enough light not to wake her up and for us to be able to check in on her. We could spend hours in there just looking at it, all the hard work to get it ready has paid off and now we can just step inside and enjoy it. We just love the overall look and how it looks just the right amount of feminine. Sometimes we go up to the crib and look, almost expecting to see Izzy laying there waiting for us.... we have practiced with teddy bears so far but we cannot wait for the real deal!!! 27 days till my due date and 5 days to full term... our baby girl is coming home soon!!


  1. Ahhhhh.........counting down. She's going to be sooo beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh 27 days left?! WOW!

    Your "to do" list made me tried - haha - you are superwoman!

  3. I completely understand how you are feeling... I am definitely amazed at how much you still are able to accomplish. I can not do half of what you have done. So excited for you to meet Izzy in less than 4 weeks!