September 19, 2010

Full term!!!!

We are officially 37 weeks along today and have reached that amazing milestone that signifies that everything is going to be ok. I cannot believe we are already here, when I look back it seems it was January a month ago and here we are almost in October! The idea that Izzy can be here any day is just beyond my poor pregnant brain and both D and I look at one another thinking this is just so incredible. Soon enough our lives will change forever, we are no longer going to be "just the two of us", we are going to be a family of 3! I get goosebumps just thinking of this amazing idea and cannot believe how blessed we are and have been to have come all the way here and be so close to meeting our little princess!

Given this special date I am want to do an update on how things are going now at 37 weeks! Tomorrow we have a check up at the hospital and I have a page of questions for the doctor this time, D is able to come along and I am so thankful for that.

Weight gained so far: no idea as I have not stepped on a scale since I was 33 weeks. My pregnancy clothes fit so I don't care really.

Stretch marks: still none on my belly but I have discovered some on my right upper thigh so I am now adding my miracle cream to it. I hear they will go away after so I am not too fussed.

Biggest change: my bump. It's huge and since last week it has dropped lower down. I love how it turns heads when I walk around.. it's my best and most precious asset! I love cuddling it, kissing it too (air kissing mainly.. I am not that flexible!!) and it's incredible to see Izzy's feet and elbows poking through when she is being super active which is often these days. I keep reading that babies slow down in terms of movement but not our baby girl, she keeps on kicking and turning like she has ton of room in there.

Major purchase/change in her nursery: nothing really we have everything we need now and her room is just waiting for her to come home! We have left the rocking chair downstairs in our living room for now but we will move it to her room once she is born.

Sleeping: still sleeping well despite waking up more often needing to pee a lot more. Tossing and turning has become a bit of a challenge but I am still managing.

Cravings: sweet things these days.. my hunger is back with the vengeance! The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and I was actually hungry. I have never once indulged that night hunger (not that it happens often) as I didn't want to make into a nightly thing but a few nights ago I really was tempted. I tend to crave ice-creams or cakes but the amount I eat is not any different than it would have been pre-pregnancy.

How is D doing: great! He cannot wait to meet his baby girl and see what she is going to be like. After having carried her with me for 9 months he is looking forward to some father-daughter time and I cannot wait to see them together. He loves going into her nursery looking into her cot bed and imagining her being there. He loves the room we have made for her and feels so proud of all the work he has put into it and how he was there choosing everything with me. He is on high labour alert and told me he keeps imagining running out of the office telling everyone I am in labour! Even though he has come up with the silliest songs for me to give birth to... one of them being "Big girls don't cry" (had me laughing so much!!)..I know he is going to be a great labour partner!!!

What I am looking forward to: the birth and meeting Isabella. I just cannot wait for that moment when labour starts and all gets going. Knowing that our baby girl could decide to be born any minute feels my life with happiness and anticipation!

What I miss: nothing at this moment. I have days when I miss the strenght of my body but as I have been lucky and can still do a lot of the things I want to do, I don't really miss it. Plus I know my body's strenght is going to come into play when I'll go into labour.

Best moments: feeling her strong movements, her kicks and bumps, seeing my belly move with her and knowing she is ok. Seeing her move like crazy whenever I talk to D on the phone or whenever he is the room and she hears his voice. It's incredible how much she loves hearing her daddy's voice!


  1. Yay for full term! My husband was the same way waiting for Ava.It is so precious! Makes you fall in love with him all over!

  2. Congratulations on full term!!! I am so excited for you both to meet to Izzy.

  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So not enough exclamation points.

  4. Happy 37 weeks! I agree with K ... I can't express enough positivity here. ;)