September 5, 2010

a good weekend

As the working week start again in the UAE (we work Sunday through to Thursday, then have Friday and Saturday off) I am left wanting more weekend as the one just gone was a blast! Thursday after work D went to ACE to get a new garden trimmer and then to Toys R Us to get a singing octopus for Izzy (it's super cute, colourful and it makes music!)

In the meantime I went to get my eyebrows threaded followed by a blow dry. I love going to this spa as everyone fusses over my belly and asks me 1001 questions about how I am feeling and how Isabella is doing. I have really started enjoying going since getting pregnant which is strange but D seems to think it's Izzy's influence on me.. I wonder if he is right and she is going to be a girly girl! HEHE

On Friday I woke up at 8 and could not fall back to sleep. I started reading and in no time I was crying my eyes out. Now this has NEVER happened to me before. I have cried watching movies or listening to songs but reading a book, never. Well on Friday morning I was a wreck! Thank God D was asleep and that I didn't wake him up! I am reading Jane Green's latest book called The Love Verb which is beautiful written but so sad... When D woke up at around 11 I told him I had been crying all morning and that I had wet the bed and his face went all white and he shifted position to look at me to see if I was serious and then I knew he understood it as if my waters broke!! He called me a silly cow... I know I deserved it!! lol

We went for brunch at a Belgian Cafe which was ok but the food selection was very limited so we were not too impressed. Then we went home and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon, I even managed to nap for 2 hours and then we got ready to go enjoy Iftar at friends house. Iftar is when Muslim people break their fast during Ramadan and it's normally a big meal delicious meal. We met at our friends' house ready to eat for 6.30/6.45pm. As usual our friends made enough food for an army but considering the majority of the people at the table were guys, it's understandable. My friend made me Musakhkhan (not to be mistake with the Greek Moussaka), which is a traditional Palestinian dish of chicken, onions and sumac spices baked in Arabic bread. I love this dish so much I could eat it every day and it's so simple to make too. After we all digested our meal we enjoyed some traditional arabic sweets and some sweets we brought along too including a yummy pistachio based strawberry tart! Yum Yum. After we left their place, D and I and another couple went to a nearby pub to try watch the Belgium V Germany match on tv but we had no luck. We ended up chatting away until midnight and only getting home for 1am.

Yesterday we had to take D's car back to the mechanic as his horn and lights were not working properly, hopefully he will get it back today. Late in the afternoon we headed to Dubai to look at table wear and a nightstand and night lamp for Izzy's room. We went into Crate & Barrell and found so many cute things and also a new set of everyday glasses, different vases and lots of other things. It's our new favourite home store!! We stopped at Pottery Barn Kids and found this amazing lamp base that turns on with a dimmed light if you touch it once, with a medium light if you touch it twice, with a brighter light if you touch it three times and it turns off if you touch it four times. Given we were looking for a nightlight this is just perfect, we liked the pink pleated shade in pink. We also got a mobile with sea creatures that plays " You are my sunshine". We found the nightstand to put the lamp on and underneath the baby monitor but as they didn't have it in stock we'll have to go back for this Tuesday.

After we were done shopping we went to meet up with a friend of ours who lives in Dubai and her new boyfriend. It was the first time we met him and we were really impressed with him. He did not fall into the typical guys she goes for and seemed to be genuine with us without trying to impress us. He makes her very happy and has been treating her like a queen so that has to be a good sign! She deserves to be happy and be with someone who respects her and treats her properly so we hope for her that he is the one! We shall wait and see but for now we are happy all around!

We made it home for bedtime... tired but happy with such a great weekend! Now the new started and the countdown continues... I am 35 weeks with 35 days to go!! I cannot believe Izzy is going to be here so soon, time is literally flying by now!!


  1. Oh my God, I would have loved to be there with you this weekend! The food you had sounds amazing and the shopping too! Look at your ticker, can you believe you only have 35 days till your due date? I'm so so excited for you!!

  2. I am so glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Shopping, Eating & Being with friends sounds like a lot of fun! I am glad you are well as you head into the home stretch!!

  3. You were out to 1am - well done!! I was impressed with myself for being out until 11pm two nights in a row this weekend, but you've blown me out of the water with 1am!

  4. Babe loves that octopus. Counting down with you... can't wait, can't wait.