September 12, 2010

36 weeks

I am 36 weeks today and officially in the 9th month!! I cannot believe it we are already here, time is just flying by at the moment. We are one week away from being "full term" so every day we are waiting to see if today is The day. I know it's still early but I have a feeling Izzy pie wants to be born soon. I feel her moving a lot these days and struggling to get into a comfy position. Yesterday and today have been non stop of activity in there. She tosses to one side then decides to move to the opposite and it's just non stop. I think it's because she is growing so fast now and the space in there must be close to none and as she is like mommy she cannot stay still but struggles to move as freely as before. Yesterday my belly looked like I had just eaten a huge peanut! Today it's a bit better but not by much. It's not uncomfortable but at times I feel like she is going to stretch her way out of there Alien style... Otherwise I am doing good. I do get some cramps here and there that feel like period pain but they go away if I change position or sit down for a while. I have started experiencing pain in the back of my thigh which after much googling I have discovered could be sciatica. It's only painful if I have been sitting down for too long.

We had a lovely long weekend which was much needed!! On Wednesday I went and did some major shopping for when my parents arrive in 2 weeks and for D's arrival on the 10th. I bought new sheets and house plants, tablecloths and other useful things for around the house. I also finished putting together Izzy's room in terms of her little side table, lamp and baby monitor! All is set for the big arrival!!
In the evening we met up with a friend of ours and we got home at 1am! This friend of ours F, got us this cute little pendant for Izzy which has her name in Arabic engraved in it. So so cute!

Thursday D was at home so we had a relaxing brunch then chilled out for the rest of the day, then we went out for dinner at this new Greek restaurant with friends! The food was amazing and the company was great! Friday we took it easy and yesterday D mowed the lawn and trimmed all the hedges in our garden which now looks so much better for it. Then we went out for dinner in this cute little place that does nothing but Hot Pot. I have never had it before but D has been going on about it for months so last night we finally went. It was great fun for such simple food. I love the concept and enjoyed my food so much!! You basically chose a type of soup base then you pick your ingredients and you make your own soup/Hot Pot. It's really a lot of fun and healthy too!

Now I am back at work for the next 2 weeks until my maternity leave kicks in and I cannot wait for it. I really don't want to go into labour at work...


  1. It's when the belly looks like a torpedo trying to break forth that she'll be ready. Yeah, can't wait.

  2. Yeah for 36 weeks!!! You will be meeting Izzy in no time = ) So exciting!! I am glad you are doing well although I am sorry to hear about the pain in the back of your thigh! The pendant is beautiful!!

  3. The nursery is so cute!! Time has really gone fast...pretty much full term!! Exciting!!