September 20, 2010

Check-up update

I just got back from my 37 weeks check up and it all went really well. I got there early as usual but I was still able to register and then I was sent straight for my urine tests, which came back all clear and then I was asked if I wanted to see a doctor now. D was supposed to meet me there for 9.20 so I called him and told him not to bother as I was already going in. Saved him the long drive over.

I was seen by Dr. Chillaxed, he is the doctor that I was recommended to by my Miracle Doctor and I have only seen him once before. He is a Sudanese doctor in his 50s I would say and he is so laid back and relaxed that he really calms me down every time I see him. I have to say most of the doctors I see are all relaxed and so friendly. Anyway, he asked me about my birth plan and whether I had changed my mind and wanted a c-section and I said that unless it was medically needed I wouldn't want one. He asked me about the epidural as last time I said maybe I would want one and this time just to be sure, I said I defiantly want one. Why suffer through this when I can do it pain free, I am not looking for the "original birth experience" and I am not afraid to say it. My blood preassure is great, my weight has gone up by 2 pound in the last 2 months which is good, I knew my weight gain was going to slow down towards the end. I then heard the heart beating which was nice and strong and then the doctor felt my bump to see Izzy's position which is still head down. He checked my ankles for swelling but I have none and he said everything looks just great.He booked me in next week for an ultrasound to see how Miss Izzy is doing. I cannot wait to see her again but I bet we won't see much as she is going to be so squished up in there.

My parents arrive next Sunday for their month stay and I cannot wait to have them over. Part of me is a bit concerned about having them over for such a long time but then again I know I will feel more relaxed knowing they will be home with me during the day and D will also feel like there is less preassure on him too to be there in case I go into labour when he is at work. We shall see how the month goes... I am sure once Izzy gets here it's going to go by so fast! D and I keep thinking about when she will be born and he believes she will be born early October, I kept thinking she will be early but now I have a feeling she will be just on time. Time will tell!

Finally, last night I was in the garden watering the grass and as I looked up in the sky I saw a shooting star! I stood there gobsmacked as I hadn't seen one in such a long long time. I stood there trying to make the perfect wish and then I ran... well waddled, more like.. inside to tell D. I was so excited about it.. he said he must be a good sign!


  1. I am glad your appt went so well!! I think the shooting star is definitely a good sign too.. Izzy is on her way!!!

  2. Fantastic appointment!! and the shooting star!! Wow!! Can't wait to see the little one my friend!

  3. Awww, yeah on the great appointment. She will be here in no time.

  4. So glad to hear everything is looking so good. Amazing - a shooting star!