September 15, 2010

Mucus plug or nothing?

Yesterday was a "not so hot day". We are going through a restructuring exercise at work and I have no idea if I will still have my job by the time I come back to work next year. My boss who has always helped me and supported me is worried about where he stands and the people at the top are too concerned about playing political games than actually getting on with the restructuring. I have been in the same situation since November of last year and unless things change things will still be like this by the time I am back at the end of January. So yesterday it was just negative info after negative info.

I was also super hungry, I mean REALLY hungry. I have not been this hungry since the beginning of my pregnancy where I would need a snack every hour or so.. I ate my usual snacks and meals combinations and still felt hungry within an hour of eating them. I started getting my usual back rib pain on the left and a headache just for good measures. We were supposed to meet friends at a comedy club but I was in no position to go so we cancelled.

*TMI alert*After dinner I went to the bathroom and I saw a little yellowish looking sticky thing on my pantyliner with one dot of blod in it. It looked a bit like the type of discharge you get before you ovulate but yellow and less mucus-like. I called D to have a look at it and then I googled away for some answers. I still don't know if this is part of my mucus plug or what but it's the first time I get discharge that looks different in 9 months so it could be something, right?

I have also noticed that Izzy has definitely moved down a bit as my belly touches my thighs when I am sitting down which did not last week and I am peeing a lot more these days even at night. I wake up around twice to three times a night/morning. I know that even if it's part of the mucus plug, we could still have a long way to go, but it's still exciting to know that things are moving along.

A friend of mine said that the last month feel like an overly stretched 2ww and she was spot on! I find myself looking for signs/symptoms that something might be happening and I over analyse everything just like I used to do during the 2ww. I am not anxious or apprehensive about it all and I am not in a hurry for it to happen yet, I just find this last part of pregnancy to be exciting and filled with anticipation in knowing that every day could be THE day!


  1. Oooh can't wait. For me it felt like babe was going to fall out. Fun stuff.

  2. Exiting!!! Totally could be any day.

  3. When I lost mine it looked more like a piece of tissue with blood than mucous. I had thought I lost it once before that, but when I saw my plug it was VERY obvious. I also spotted pretty much non stop after I lost it.

    Hopefully things are moving along and little girl will be here soon!