September 7, 2010

holiday mood, cramps and massages

Today is my last working day until next Sunday and I am super happy! I would be happier if D's company would decide to announce his leave and be done with it too rather than keep us all waiting! We are not going anywhere but it would be nice to have some relaxing time together rather than me having days off now and D being off on Sunday... fingers crossed! Every public holiday has fallen either on a Friday or a Saturday so we have had no extra paid holidays this year which sucks especially as we have both being saving days for the BIG event! I have 31 days of leave and D has 26 which considering there are only 3 months left of the year it's an achievement! I start my maternity leave on the 26th of September and I cannot wait!!

Cramps wise after much Googling I believe it's Izzy's way of letting us know she is getting ready to be cuddled, kissed and loved beyond words by us. The pains I am getting are sharp stabbing pains down in my cervix, they come and go mainly when Izzy is moving or when I have been moving around too much and they always go away after I lay down or rest on my gym ball for a while. I have not gone back to the hospital because I know these are not contractions but probably BH. Yesterday I had more a dull kind of pain in my back and leg whilst I was out shopping. I sat down for 5 minutes got up and they went. I read these kind of pains are only gonna get more intense and frequent as the days near the BIG day so I just need to toughen up and watch out for when the real contractions start! We shall see if I will manage it...

Massages.. oh I used to think of massages as in the ones you do at a spa and where you leave feeling as if you are made out of jelly. Well nowadays massages have a different connotation for me. I am talking about Pernial Massages. Yes, I took the plunge and I have been doing them for the past 2 nights. I read it's best to start at 34/35 weeks and as I couldn't bring myself to start last week, this week I had to start. I was moaning about them to D and he said "after all we have been through to get here you are moaning about a massage.. come on you are better than that!" then the following night he said "if you want to tear go ahead and skip the massages" which worked for me! The same evening I went upstairs, got a mirror to familiarise myself with the whole thing and started. I have no idea if I am doing it properly but I am really trying to follow the instructions and at the end of the day it can only help right??


It worked, D has Thursday off!!! I wish he had tomorrow off as well but you cannot have everything so at least we are having a long weekend together!! Yaaay!!!


  1. nearly there sweetie! i thought BH contractions were those when your belly gets hard but they don't hurt? maybe I got it all wrong. The sensation you are describing seems to be more the cervix effacing I think! Well done on the hols!! Love, Fran

  2. Hang in there lovely lady. Can't wait to meet her when she's ready to make her debut.

  3. Glad D have the day off and you both enjoy it! :) Sounds like Izzy is getting ready to make her debut soon! :)

  4. I hope you are having as a nice a weekend as you did last weekend!

    Thank you for sharing your purchases and where you bought stuff... I use your blog as a reference all the time to buy gifts for baby showers, and to daydream about my own future purchases ;)

    I can't wait to see pictures of the lovely Izzy in a few weeks!