July 11, 2010

My post its and we got the Cot bed!!!!

Since getting pregnant my brain has not been working in the same way it was pre-pregnancy. I was always the one that people relied on to remind them of appointments and useful information, it was my gift. Well my gift is gone and people have stopped asking me to remind them of what they need to do cause they know I will forget. As much as I try to remember what question I was suppose to ask my midwife or my doctor I will not be able to remember when I need to. It might come to me an hour after the appointment or I might remember it as I am about to fall asleep, but that is of little use.
In order to keep up with appointments and a semi normal life I have started writing all the "important" things down on post its which I then stick to the inside of my purse. When I showed D the inside of my purse he was shocked with what he saw. I had something close to 5 post its all stuck to my purse and I had to admit that was a good day. I told him that he can official call the doctors when I start sticking post its to the walls of hour bedroom in a manner similar to that movie "Momento" except the guy did it with a combination of notes and tattoos. I hope I don't get that bad..!

In other news, we got Isabella's cot bed and it's wonderful! It's not one of the 3 we had shortlisted but it's a new one we saw yesterday in this funky shop in Dubai. We went there to look for decals for Izzy's room which I saw on their website so after selecting the ones we liked we moved on to discuss cot beds with the manager of the shop. We told her what we were looking for and she showed us three that interested us. The first one had an oval shape that as cute as it looked would have been difficult to own in the long run in terms of finding sheets to fit it etc. The second one was a white simple and yet practical cot with a drop sides that transformed into a junior bed. The last one was a sleigh design cot that when we first saw it dismissed on the ground that the colour was not what we were looking for. When she said that they had it in white as well we bought looked at each other and knew it that that was it! Here is a picture of it, but in the one we got the two end parts are in full wood (at least that's what we remember!):

It's called the New Sleigh 3 in 1 Cot bed and it's by Boori Country an Australian company. We love it because:

  1. the wood they use is grown in a sustainable plantation so as much as it'll be durable through the years, it came from a plantation that was created for this purpose;
  2. it meets all the safety standards you can think of;
  3. it is possible to lower the side track for easier access to the baby;
  4. it does not only convert into a junior bed but later when Izzy outgrows that too it can be converted into a little sofa;
  5. it comes with its own spring mattress so we can be sure of a perfect fit.

We ordered it and it should be delivered to us in 8 weeks from now which will be around the first week of September! We cannot wait to see it in Izzy's room! D saw a little chest for Izzy to keep some of her toys in and fell in love with it so we got it too! It's also white but we could add stickers or maybe a nice looking pillow for now.

We had a busy but exciting weekend! On Friday we had two back to back parenting classes, the first one was all about C-sections and the exercises to do after the operation and the actual procedure etc. The second class covered baby care, so we learnt how to hold the baby (Teddy bear in our case!) when breastfeeding her, how to bath and change her nappy. It was a lot of fun and very educative for us. We also learnt that poor little Isabella will have a lot of vaccinations to do after she is born... I don't dare think about it yet!!! The first ones are done after she is born.. how crazy is that?? Will need to do some more research on the subject!

We then went to get special paint and stencil brushes to do the stencil in Izzy's room. D had the brilliant idea of making a stencil that reads Isabella Anna to put in the only section of the wall that we left white. So I spent all of last week trying to work out how to make the stencil. I have never made one so I researched it online and watched YouTube videos of how to make them! LOL In the end, the stencil came out pretty well and we could not wait to get started on it. D suggested we get special paint and brushes for it so after we got all the material together, Friday night D went up on that painful ladder again (I swear the man is a saint! I spent 10 minutes putting the light curtains up on that ladder and my feet hurt like hell today! He did all of the walls twice on it and never complaint!! How don't know how he did it!!) and the result is just amazing!! I also washed the curtains and put them back up and the whole room looks so so pretty.. it remined us of a peaceful cloud! We are so pleased with the overall look of the room so far and cannot wait to see it once the cot and the rest of the furniture (we still need to buy) arrives! Here is a picture of how the stencil came out and how it looks now the colour is dry and the curtains are up:


  1. You have to love pregnancy brain. There is no way around it, but it is funny at times!
    I love the crib!!

  2. Super pretty. Right on, I love it!

  3. Yep...alot of vaccinations. They wanted to give Cassie her first vaccination right when she was born and we told them no. We have delayed her vaccinations...she is getting all of them but we have spaced them apart so she is not getting so many shots in her little body at one time. We talked to our pedi about it and he told us which ones he highly recommended and which ones he thought were fine to wait until she was a bit older. She had the HIB and the PCV7 done first. She got her first DTP a little over a month ago.

  4. Love the pictures of the stencil and the drapes. So cute!

    Also congrats on getting the cot bed - it's definitely all coming together, isn't it!

  5. The cot is beautiful! It definitely has a wow factor ;)

    The drapes and stencil look great. You guys are so crafty. I am impressed that you made the stencil yourself. Aside from knitting, I am definitely not that crafty.