July 22, 2010

80 beautiful days to go till we meet our Girl

Today my tickers said 80 days to go and as we move forward towards the BIG day, here is an update of where I am at.
Weight gained so far: 15kg (33 pounds) I know, I know.. some women gain that at full term. For me this is not happening. I still look good and everyone tells me how the extra weight suits me. One of my girlfriend told me not to lose it after.. I don't know about that! I will let my body take charge and see where we get to. The way I figure it is that I have a lifetime for losing weight but I might only be pregnant once!

Stretch marks: still none although in terms of cellulite on my thighs.. oh God.. it's bad!! Still didn't stop me from wearing my pregnancy tanking during our weekend away!

Biggest change: Isabella's movement. I believe she is facing inside my belly and therefore I don't get the usual kicks. I still feel her move and I can see her with my own eyes when she moves from one side to the next but the kicks have changed in terms of strenght. It's as if she has become more coordinated. Although I have a feeling she will be like me, in that she never can stay still for too long!LOL

Major purchase for Isabella: so many but the biggest is the cot/junior bed. We are still waiting to get it delivered but we know it's ours and it's on its way. We also got a soft and colourful rug for her room. Given we painted her room baby blue we went for a pink rug with flowers on it. We love it!

Sleeping: since the start of the second trimester I have started going to the toilet again at night. That stopped almost to the day I went into my second trimester and now it's back. So far I only get up once around 4/5am but I am sure this might change. I am also tossing and turning a lot but overall I still average 9 hours per night which is incredible.
Cravings: starting to think this craving thing is all one big lie. I have not gotten any and at this rate I might never get one. D was ready for me to say I wanted ice cream on steak or that I started craving pickles (which I hate!) but I have to disappoint him on that one.

How is D doing: great and still attentive and loving to the "bump" and his daughter inside of it. He still has moments when he looks at me and I can see his eyes resting on the bump and a look of amazement coming over him. He loves the fact we are having a daughter and as time nears he cannot wait to meet her.
What am I looking forward to: our ultrasound on the 9th of August. I cannot wait to see that all is good with her heart once that is established I am looking forward to getting a new 4D picture of her little face. I bet she has changed loads from the last one we did at 20 week. For this one she will be 31 weeks so the change will be incredible! For now I pray all is ok.

What I miss: I would have said wearing my normal shoes but when I had my birthday dinner I wore a sexy pregnancy dress (yes they exist!) and I didn't want to were my Birkenstock with it I wanted to wear something classy and cute. I tried all my shoes on and none would fit my poor feet. D (I swear he is so clever!!) suggested I try some of my open sandals as I might have more room and it worked. I wore the shoes I wore at our wedding, golden strappy sandals from Sergio Rossi (was my mom's present to me for the big day!) I kept them on all night and even if my feet were swollen at the end of the night, I managed it!

Best moments:I discovered recently that Isabella loves being massaged. So yesterday I was at my desk and I rubbed my belly because sh had her tushy or back against it. I stopped and went on working when I felt a distinct kick or elbow on the opposite side of where I was massaging. So I massaged her a bit more and she was still, then I stopped and she kicked again several times. She wanted more. We played this game for a while until she was satisfied with the amount of attention she got from me. She is also a music lover and if she likes the music I am playing she will wiggle and move if not, i don't hear from her at all. Well yesterday I tried something whereby I out one earphone on me and one on the belly.. she loves Daughter, Loudon Wainwright III , our girl has good taste!


  1. Congrats on the pregnancy..


  2. Haha...the music and massage are too funny! I think Isabella is going to be a feisty one!

  3. What a fabulous update - the stories about Izzy are great! Love the massage...

  4. Everything sounds great! I love her name, it's beautiful. I like the idea of the shared earphones.

  5. It is so great hearing an update!!! The area rug is so beautiful!! I love it! Did you find it online or at a store? I have also started sharing music with my little guy -- it is so fun! I have not played the same song or musician yet though. Just a variety as I have so many different songs on my ipod! I am so glad things are going well = )

  6. Congrats! It's wonderful to know things are going so beautifully!