July 6, 2010


I have always been a dreamer and I remember all my dreams, good or bad. Since getting pregnant and especially in the last couple of weeks the dreams have become more intense and more vivid too

Last night's dream was the first of its kind as it was my first giving birth dream. I was in labour as I had contractions so I went to the hospital. Once I arrived (I was on my own) the nurse at the reception asked me how my first baby was doing and I looked at her not knowing what she meant. The other nurse next to her gave her a bad look and showed her something on my file. I asked them what they were talking about and the nice nurse said she was sorry for the other's nurse lack of sensitivity as she didn't know I gave birth to a still born baby in my previous pregnancy. The news shocked me and at the same time I seemed to have remember that it did happen. I started crying so much that I could not stand and I couldn't even feel any labour pain. They then took me to the L&D room where the doctor proceeded to break my water and give me a c-section and in no time Isabella was out and on my chest. She was such a big baby with beautiful green eyes like her daddy. I hugged her and kissed her and I never wanted to let her go. She was not crying but smiling at me with the cutest of smiles. They wrapped her up in paper towels as I had not bought her a blanket! (bad mommy!) After a while I was a allowed to leave and I left Izzy there as it was expected but later we came back with D and he cried so much when he saw her and he could not stop hugging her and kissing her all over.

That was traumatic and beautiful all at the same time and in way it makes me wonder how real labour will feel and be like for me. We live a good 30-45 minutes away from our hospital and D has been suggesting we get a cheap hotel room nearby for the last two weeks. I don't know if this is a good idea as I would rather be in our house with all the things I love than in a hotel room. He has a point in that if I go into labour when he is at work then there will be no one that can take me to the hospital and even friends that work nearby our house will take time in getting there and then take me to hospital. Then again I know that labour does not just come on one minute to the next and I know most women are in labour for a long time before they deliver so I am confident we will make it there in time.

The second dream I have had involved me being involved in saving Barack Obama's life. I know it sound completely loopy but here it goes. For some reason I had realised that this woman that lived next door to me was crazy and wanted to kidnap and kill the US president. So I intervened and fought with her and managed to keep her from doing any harm to the president, or so we thought until I saw that she had already the president in her basement. I was able to go see him and reassure him that help was on the way and that I would not let any harm come to him. I was even patting his head, it was hilarious! I went to my house and left him there knowing the secret service were going to go in any minute. The next morning I went by the house and was welcomed and hugged by Michelle Obama who kept on thanking me for saving her husband's life and the father of her girls! It was all so bizarre and it all felt real, I was a national hero!


  1. I love hearing about people's dreams - so fascinating! The birth dream sounds scary, and sad, and beautiful and exciting, all at the same time! I bet you can't wait to meet your sweet little Izzy!

    And I love the Obama dream - hysterical! I think it means you're a hero!

  2. You are a hero. Crazy dreams. I always had dreams that I was drinking and smoking and then I'd look down and see this huge preggo belly and freak out.

  3. it's the pregnancy hormones giving you crazee dreams? thanks for saving my president!! xoxoxo.