July 28, 2010

Hospital bag.. what to pack??

I love making lists and updating them as I go along and my one ongoing list has been the "what to pack for the hospital?" Everyone, except my mom, has been laughing at me for making my list and wanting to start preparing everything for every eventuality this early. I expected the same from my mom but when I told her she said that she started putting things away in a drawer early enough and when the time came all she did was empty the drawer into the bag. I am planning on doing the same!

Much googling later I have come up with the current list...here it goes:

Things for me:
  • old night gown/t-shirt for during birth and after birth;

  • robe for walking around the corridors;

  • slippers (I think I will stick to my trusted Birkenstock -the only shoes I can fit into);

  • pillow (not sure if I should take my beloved body pillow or just an ordinary pillow with coloured cover);
  • socks;
  • nursing bras;

  • knickers;

  • panty liners;
  • breastfeeding pads (which ones to get??);
  • toiletries;

  • birthing ball;

  • ipod (not sure I will use it for music but I can listen to my meditation or at least try!);

  • one outfit for when I leave the hospital;
  • phone charger;
  • snacks and drinks.

Things for the birthing partner (aka D):

  • comfy shoes and flip flops;

  • change of clothes;
  • toiletries;

  • camera and charger;
  • phone charger;

  • a watch with a second hand (might need to get one as D does not wear one!);

  • snacks.

Things for Little Miss Peanut:

  • Nappies;

  • outfits for two days;

  • onesie for two days;

  • one pram cellular blanket and a swaddle blanket;
  • hat;
  • mittens;

  • nail file (in case she is born with long nails);

  • nappy cream (still researching that one!);

  • comb;

  • Car seat and base (the hospital we will deliver at has a system in place whereby every child who delivers there gets a free car seat!)

What am I missing??? If you have any suggestions please let me know!!


  1. Pacifier, nipple shield, book?

  2. i'm going to have to refer to this list when i get there some day :o) you sound really prepared!!

  3. Look at you - getting so organized. I'm so impressed!

  4. Do more than just panti-liners. You will need some heavy duty pads for afterwards.
    Mints to suck on
    Book or gossip magazine.
    Find some heavy duty breastpads...its amazing how much you can leak - I wasn't expecting that.

  5. Wow, you are so organized!! I will definitely be cheating & looking at your list as well!!

  6. Hopefully I will need to refer back to this list in the future... and refer back I will, you have me beat with organization and planning hands down.