July 1, 2010

101 days to go

Today we have exactly 101 days to go till THE date, that is exactly 3 months and 9 days before the 10th of October! Given I haven't done one of those updates in a while I thought I'd write one today to mark the 101 days to go!

Weight gained so far: 13kg (27 pounds) I know it's a lot of weight and most people gain that in their entire pregnancy and I still have 3 months to go but I refuse to care. Isabella is doing good and she is just the right size, I passed the GTT and as I was underweight to begin with this is normal. My midwife still calls me tiny which is weird considering I have never been this big! I love it!

Stretch marks: none so far and considering the amount of weight I am piling on you'd think I'd be full by now. I think it's all down to my miracle Spoiled Mama cream!! LOL

Biggest change: Isabella's movement. Since last Friday she started moving around so much and I can feel her and see her whenever she moves from one side of my belly to the next. When D saw it for the first time last Friday he thought it was so freaky. All he could say was WOW in a very shocked tone of voice! He is now used to it but still loves feeling her move.

Major purchase for Isabella: still just clothes and the pram (that is still not here.. D rolls his eye every time someone mentions it.. all he says is: "with all the prams you can find we had to go buy one from New Zealand!!" I know, I know!) but we intend to rectify all of that this weekend!!! We are going furniture shopping, I got the list ready and I am already checking on the mattress

Nursery progress: lots of it! D applied the second "glossy" layer of paint last week and last night we literally spilled blood, sweat and tears over the plastic sheet in her room to get the masking tape off the ceiling and everywhere in the room. Blood and tears because we both cut ourselves, mine were two minor ones but D's one was a deeper cut and by the time I brought him tissues he had blood drops over the plastic sheet on the floor. Sweat because I am always hot and D felt the heat going up and down the ladder! All we can hope is that Isabella likes her room as much as we do because I cannot imagine painting it again soon!

Sleeping:I have weird dreams but that's nothing new, I have always had very vivid dreams. The strange thing is how D is also having crazy dreams that he remembers, sometimes I wake up to him laughing in his sleep. D has always been someone who could never remember his dreams and now every morning he tells me about his latest dream. Last night he said he dreamt he came home to find a jaguar outside our house and a tiger inside of it. I need to do some research and see if this is something common in pregnancy!

Cravings: nothing yet and I still like what I used to like and hate what I used to hate. We'll see if this changes later on

How is D doing: Feeling super proud of his work on the nursery and looking forward to starting the shopping spree! He still loves to kiss my belly and he tells Izzy how much he loves her which is just so cute. He does not sing or read to her because he does not feel comfy doing that yet, he says he'll wait till she is born to start! I bet she'll welcome the change from my tone deaf voice singing Twinkle Twinkle and You Are My Sunshine! He still has some moments when he looks at me and smiles from ear to ear and says "can you believe you are growing a baby in there? OUR baby?!?!?" When he says that his eyes twinkle and they me feel like goo. I love him so much!

Best moments: seeing her face in 4D was amazing because we are now able to put a face to our baby girl and what a beautiful, cute and adorable face! Also the fact that she moves so often is so reassuring especially the scare of last week

What am I looking forward to: getting her room ready in terms of wardrobe and decals, just walking in there and feeling like it's her room.

What I miss: perhaps the only thing I miss is our old sex life. We used to have an active(in every sense of the word- LOL) sex life and now due to the size of my belly we are limited but it makes for some interesting stories for us to laugh about in years to come!

Here is a picture of me at 4 weeks pregnant (the day of my second beta result!):

and here is me last week at 24 weeks and 4 days:


  1. You are a busy bee and look great!!!
    Have fun furniture shopping!

  2. You look great! You definitely don't look like you're gaining too much weight. I think some people just put on more pounds, and I'm one of them too!

    Those big movements sound awesome, I'm glad all is well!

  3. I love your posts about being pregnant and your positive view of pregnancy weight gain. It has been a pleasure to read about.

    Good luck on shopping this weekend. I look forward to seeing how the room looks with furniture!

  4. Check you out. You look wonderful!