July 20, 2010

Life at 30 and in the 3rd trimester

I have to say that surprises rock!!! D organised the best weekend of my life!!!!! I have never had this much fun in one weekend and he has really ensured that I would always remember this birthday.
The celebrations started on Thursday night when D organised a surprise dinner with all my favourite people. I had no idea where we were going but I knew it would have been dinner with friends. He booked a private room in Frankie's, a new Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi that I have been wanting to go check out for a while now. The atmosphere when we walked in was incredible and the private room was just so intimate. Slowly slowly all our friends arrived and the party got started. I found out that 3 of my friends changed their flight schedules to be there which was just incredible! I felt so loved I could not stop smiling all evening. I got so many presents, most of them being vouchers as that's what I had told D I wanted. The champagne was flowing (for those drinking it) and the food was incredible! Everyone enjoyed it so much as they had such a big variety to chose from. After we were done with the food, the lights were dimmed and out came the waiters with the cake... oh my GOD the cake!!! Words cannot describe what I felt when I saw the cake. I had told D that all I really wanted was a BIG cake and boy did he listen! The cake was enormous and covered in a lovely pink icing with an intricate purple design on top, there were actually two separate cakes one for the "3" and one for the "0". The filling was a very delicate blueberry cream and the rest was a super soft sponge cake... it was so so delicious that most people asked for two slices! Here is a picture of it...

I later learnt of the extent to which D went to get it made as he wanted and delivered to his office and then the restaurant. I swear I am such a lucky lady!!!

The next day we woke up late and then we set off for our surprise weekend adventure!!! D told me we were going to be gone till Sunday but I had no idea where to. The drive took 2 hours and throughout I kept on guessing where we were headed and I still had no figured it out when we got to our end destination. The resort we were staying at is one that has been on my list of places to see for a while. It's in the northern emirates and right on the coast which makes for some amazing views. When we checked in the asked if we were staying in a room or a water villa and D looked at me and said.. "water villa"! I was shocked.. yes.. again!!! Our villa was right by the beach and on the water. We had 2 pools nearby and of course the sea to explore. The resort was built like an Italian/Greek village so you felt like you really were in an authentic village. It was so well done. Our villa was on two floors with a large living/dining room and kitchen on the bottom floor and the bedroom/bathroom upstairs. We also had a large terrace and a balcony by the bedroom to watch the sunset. It was an amazing place and one I will never forget.

Once we got comfy we exchanged presents and D took out a little blue Tiffany's bag and my jaw dropped. I told him not to get me presents that all the rest counted as presents but of course he didn't listen. I got out my present and card and he was surprised, finally I could get him back! I slowly opened the box and fund the cutest necklace and heart shaped pendant with 5 diamonds. It is so simple and so me that despite being crossed that he got me this too, I could not help but loving it! I put it on and have not taken it off since!! D loved his new camera and has been snapping pictures since. He has tested it at night, against the sun and in low light and he LOVEs it. I am so pleased he loves it and he said he cannot wait to take pics of Isabella with it!
We spent most of the weekend relaxing and chilling out by the pool or the beach. We did some exploring by car and despite the fact that we didn't find much to see it was still a lot of fun! For my birthday dinner D had organised a little cake to be brought to the table with two candles on it... it was a yummy cake and the last of the many surprises I got this weekend.

I cannot express how spoilt and loved I felt this weekend.. to know that D went to such extent to make my birthday so special brings tears to eyes and I will ALWAYS remember turning 30 with a big smile on my face!
The day after I turned 30 I officially entered into the 3rd trimester!! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I wen to my 28 weeks check up yesterday and as my midwife was off sick I got to see one of the doctors in my team. She reviewed my chart and after seeing that Isabella is an IVF baby she upgraded us to high risk. D was not happy with this decision as he feels they put a stigma on IVF as being high risk when it should be just like any other pregnancies. I agree but the "worry-maniac" part of me feels that we will be better monitored and more closely followed in this way. Not that the midwife was not doing this to begin with but I did notice that she never asked to see my file from my doctor or ask me why we did IVF to begin with. I now ordered a copy of my file at the RE's office and will pick it up on Saturday. Anyway, I also mentioned what happened at my RE's clinic in terms of Izzy's heart and she ordered an ultrasound for the next appointment. I will now see the doctor every 3 weeks and then every 2 and eventually every week. I cannot wait for the 9th to see how Izzy is doing and to make sure her little heart is beating as it should do now. I also wonder if we will be able to get more 3D pics of her, last time they did it so quick that we could not see her on the screen but the pictures came out so well. We shall wait and see. I might have to go for this one on my own as the appointment is at 10 am but D said he will try make it at least for the ultrasound part. I am back on the iron tablet and now on calcium supplements also which is a lot of pills for me to remember to take... maybe they need to start giving me pills to remember to take my pills!! HEHE!


  1. The villa is beautiful!! Lucky girl you!
    I don't understand why they put you at high risk for having an IVF baby either. Its a normal pregnancy! Oh well...like you said you get more attention which is never bad.

    Happy 30th birthday!

  2. Sounds like a magnificent weekend! Your hubby sounds like an amazing partner. So happy you had a nice relaxing weekend full of being spoiled!

  3. That is so awesome. Happy 30 lovely lady!!!

  4. happy happy 30th!! glad you guys had a fab time away. at first i thought those pics were of your house, and i was amazed :o)

    i can't believe you're already in your 3rd trimester. i started following your blog during your ivf cycle, so time has flown by!!

    hoping for an uneventful rest of pregnancy for you :o)

    ps - been meaning to tell you. about my job - if you're curious, just email me (don't see your email on your profile page) and i'll fill you in :o)
    pps - we didn't make it out to abu dhabi when we were in dubai, but wanted to. i'm so envious you are living there. must be an amazing experience!!! if we ever make it out there again, i will have to holler :o)

  5. What a wonderful weekend - Happy 30th!!! Your hubby is so sweet to do all that for you!!!

    And congratulations on making it to the 3rd trimester - so exciting.

  6. Congratulations on the 3T!! It sounds like you had a spectacular birthday!! I am so happy for you = )

  7. Wow girl what an awesome bday and am awesome guy you have! Fabulous resort looks amazing! 28 weeks already wow time flies huh? Saturday will be 26 weeks, and I still can't believe it. Happy belated 30th! I wish I was 30 again, LOL!