July 13, 2010

making small talk and other random thoughts

I am not nor have I ever been one of those women who make small talk. It does not come natural to me and when I try it it make me feel so awkward. Since getting pregnant I have made small talk with complete strangers on two different occasions. The first time happened last week, I went shopping for food for D who was home sick with a cold (wonder where I got mine from...!!) and I wanted tomato soup and all they had was broccoli and stilton soup which I hate and cannot eat whilst pregnant. So I stood there like a moron looking for something else to buy. This woman also stood there looking at all sort of deli meats. She turned to me at one stage and said "can't find what you came here for?" and I turned to her and said that I came here for tomato soup and they had everything but that. She told me that she had a dinner party that night and that her husband just told her that one of her guest was Muslim and therefor did not eat meat. She had planned some kitchen wrapped in pancietta and so she had to come out at the last minute to look for some halal pancietta and all they had was turkey slices. I said something along the lines that I felt for her. After a while she picked up her turkey slices and left but before she did she turned back and said good luck to me and I wished her the same.I know most people do this every day but for me this is a rare occasion. When I told D his eyes popped and he said "You making small talk to strangers... this pregnancy is really changing you!"

Well it happened again today. I was at work in the restroom. When I went to wash my hands there was another lady brushing her teeth (it was after lunch), I looked down and so her big bump. I instinctively and without thinking twice asked her how far along she was and she told me she was due the first week of August. Her belly looks so big and beautiful and for a tiny lady she carried with it with such grace. She asked me the same and I told her and then she said she know when the birth will happen as she is having a scheduled c-section at the same hospital I am delivering at but that she is also considering another one for insurance purposes. I asked her if she knew what she was having and she told me that she is having twin girls. How exciting!! She told me she is working till the end in order to make the most of her short maternity leave (we both have 45 calendar days which is just shit!). I wished her good luck and said congratulations on her blessing and she said the same. We work in the same zone but for different companies and as much as I have seen her around I have never spoken to her before today. I will surely look out for her for brief catch ups in the coming weeks.

As much as I LoVe our new house I am starting to dislike all the issue we are facing with it. If it's not one thing it's the next but our main issue so far has been with the water tank and pump. The geniuses that built these houses didn't think that putting a water pump underground in a garden that needs a lot of water would be an issue, so not only they built it like this they also didn't waterproof these manholes and pumps. As a result from one moment to the next we are left with no water as the water pumps get flooded with water. Since we moved there 6 months ago we have had to get the maintenance to pump water out on 4 occasions, two of which occurred within 2 days of each other. Now you tell me if this is normal? Last night it happened again. We were watching tv thinking the water was watering itself and when I went to check the water was off in the garden and in the house too. They came they "semi-fixed" and they are coming back today to fix things for the third time. I swear I hope they do fix this once and for all

I have also changed my job to travel agent! My parents are coming to stay with us for a month (they live on another continent from us so it's only logical for them to stay longer) from the week I go on maternity till the 23rd of October so I have had to organise their tickets for their trip. I cannot wait to see them and it'll be great for them to see me pregnant. I last saw them for Christmas and pictures don't really do this justice. I warned them that they might have to drive me to the hospital and be ready to speed if necessary.. that should be fun! I have also asked my mom on several occasions if she wanted to come in with us whilst I deliver and on all occasions her reply has been somewhat vague. The first time I asked her we were talking about their visit and whether they should come before or after Izzy's birth. I told her that if they came early she could come in with us and her reply was "we'll come after then!!" I should have gotten the picture but I asked her again and when I felt how uncomfortable she was I answered for her and said that maybe it would not be fair on dad who would have to stay out on his own. To that she agreed. I think it would be too much for her to see me in that much pain and that she might not be able to stand it. She is a known fainter so I think if she saw blood she would be out and then take D with her as he gets queasy too!!! When I told D all he said, in a joking way, was "I am glad you are so considerate of your mom's feelings.. what about mine??"
Then in December we are having everyone over for Christmas at our house, well not exactly staying with us but spending Christmas here with us for Izzy's first Christmas. My brother and his family are flying over from the UK, my parents from Italy, my father in law from Greece and maybe D's brother and new wife from Belgium. It should be fun and an experience to have everyone here together at once! We are putting people in hotels as our house only has one spare room, the other room being Izzy's room and we are saving that for D's dad as he is alone and would not be nice for him to be in a hotel alone. So we have a lot to plan and I want to do it all before Izzy gets here because then she comes first and I will only have eyes and ears for my little cutelet! When I told this to my mom she almost sounded jealous as if she was losing me to Izzy in a way.. which is silly because she will always be my mom but I feel that in way she feels she might be less important in my life once she is born.. need to make sure she does not feel that way!!


  1. I love reading your updates Laura. Yeah you should hop over you are not far and Dahab is a cool little getaway. Nothing at all like anyplace in Emirates, more primitive but so relaxing. I love your choice of cribs too, very cute indeed. Glad to hear all is well with you, talk soon.

  2. Congratulations on getting out there and talking to strangers! Seriously, it's a difficult skill, and that's awesome that this pregnancy is giving you the confidence to do that!

    Wow - your family sounds great, and it will be wonderful to have them around when Izzy comes. Yes, everybody has to get used to their new roles in your life, but it sounds like everybody's figuring it out!