May 16, 2010

Who is that naked lady in my bathroom???

Ok, so here I was standing in my bathroom about to go for a shower when I take a look in the mirror and jump back. Who is that naked lady in the mirror? I take a step back I put my glasses back on and I take a closer look. My face is definitely rounder, my boobs have new blue veins everywhere and they are so huge, my belly is so round and so high up to my belly button, my thighs are getting bigger and my feet.. well they are still the same for now!! I stop looking and enjoy my shower then I go downstairs and I tell D that my body has been kidnapped by aliens. He laughs and tells me that my body is that of a beautiful mommy... that stops the madness and I regain control of my thoughts. My boobs and belly are bigger because I am PREGNANT. D'oh!

I am 19 weeks pregnant today and yet I still have moments when I still think this is all a beautiful dream. I still thank God and our lucky star for this wonderful miracle and I am so thankful that in October we will welcome a baby girl into our family. The fact that I am now showing has helped me relax somewhat. Peanut moving around in my belly and making herself felt is just the best of reminders that she is growing stronger and all is ok. I already think our daughter is going to be so intelligent because even at this young age she is already a step ahead of me! I am so in love with her it's not possible to put it in words.

This weekend I had my first "pregnant" women with a stranger. We went to the cinema for the first time in a LONG LONG time. We went to the 8.30pm show of Robin Hood and before the start of the show I went to the bathroom. I was standing in line with another lady who was ahead of me. When it was her turn she turned to me as if for me to go and I said that she was first, so looked down at my belly and said "no, you go ahead dear". I came out of the bathroom smiling from ear to ear and D looked at me inquisitively. I told him the story and he said that I just had my first pregnant moment with a stranger!! I loved it and it made my night. I was really proud of myself for lasting all movie and then going for pizza with friends after. I went to bed after 1 am and the next day I felt fine but I did go to bed at 10pm! I love the second trimester. I am starting to realise why people say it's the best time during pregnancy. Well, it's late here now I am going to go sit on the couch and feel our little Peanut kick up a storm in there in the hope that she can kick hard enough so that D can feel her too. He hears her when he puts his ear on my belly (my human doppler!!!) but has yet to feel her movements. I am confident is just a matter of time with our little overachiever!!


  1. My husband swears he can hear our baby too, although I can't hear anything (except gas!) even when I use my stethoscope. I'm glad he's not the only daddy-to-be with his ear to the belly!

  2. You sound so happy - love it! That's hysterical about seeing yourself in the mirror and not recognizing yourself. Can't wait!!!