May 30, 2010

Making progress - 100th post!

This is my 100th post! It does feel like yesterday that I started the blog whilst waiting for IVF cylce number 2 and here I am 21 weeks pregnant today. I will never stop saying that life has its ways of surprising you in the most amazing of ways!

Given it's the 100th post I want to make it a positive one. I worked out the courage to buy paint last week. I went on my own as D was working and got about 10 miniature paints that just happened to be on sale. I lined them all up on our kitchen counter and they stayed there until Friday. Friday we have our cleaning lady come over and spend a good 5 hours cleaning the house from top to bottom. As the little cans were in the way I put them in a lovely pink bag and brought them up to Peanut's room. They stayed there until Friday at 11 pm. I was already in bed by then but I could not sleep. D went on his company retreat last Wednesday night and when he is away I never sleep well. So I was tossing and turning and decided to get up and paint instead. I "borrowed" a doctor's mask from the first aid kit at work.. I know, "bad girl"! I put that on and I scared myself when I looked in the mirror.. I would not make a pretty doctor!! How do the people on Gray's do it??? Anyway, I put on the mask, got some paper for the floor and my brand new paint brush and I started. My back started hurting at the end cause I kept on bending over to wash the brush etc but I was happy with the result. I stuck the stickers from the bottom of the cans to check which paint is which and voila'. Nursery colour selection is ready!

Here is proof:

I like the first colour from left and the second from right the most. I tried the colours in the bright light first thing in the morning and at night with the ligths on and off and the two that look the best all around are these two. I sent D a picture of it and he likes the first one from left the most. We shall see what he thinks when he sees the colours in person. He is back tonight and I cannot wait to see which one he goes for. Once we agree I can start preparing the room and he can get started on the paint. I already know which paint to get. I cannot find no VOC paint here but I have found one that is Green Certified with low VOC. I suppose it will have to do. I intend to leave the balcony door open so that we air the room out completely.

In other positive news, I allowed myself the pleasure to go for a pregnancy massage yesterday. I booked it when I went to get my hair cut last time and have been debating it in my head ever since. One minute I was set on going, the next I was talking myself out of it. On Friday whilst the cleaning lady was busy I emptied out my wardrobe of all the clothes that I no longer fit into. Which leaves little or no pre-maternity clothes left in my closet. I spent a good 2 hours tidying up the clothes and then bringing them all downstairs to be placed in one of our suitcases for later discovery. All the work of the day plus the night painting gave my back a run for its money and by the end of the day I was so really tired. That was the deciding factor in going for the massage. I stopped thinking about it and I just showed up for my appointment at 4. I know the spa as I go for my eyebrow threading and hair cuts there but I hadn't tried their massages yet. My masseuse was there to welcome me with some fruit tea which considering the heat outside, went down like a treat. She explained how she wanted me to be lying down and how to move from one position to the next. She also showed me the oil she would be using which is especially formulated for pregnant women. I felt reassured and safe knowing I was in good hands. Once I allowed myself the chance to relax and enjoy, the massage was pure bliss. Isabella enjoyed it too as she was kicking away happily. I left the spa in a super relaxed state of body and mind. Isabella still kicking away but then she always kicks away when I drive. I figure she likes being in the car.. I think the movements and the vibrations from the car must wake her up! She kicks a lot to Razorlight music and Britney Spears... oh dear! The verdict on the pregnancy massage is that I will go back as soon as I feel like I need another one. I am glad I did not allow my fears to get in the way of enjoying this lovely experience.

Today D gets back and I am so excited. It's the first time he goes away on a "holiday" without me. OK, it was not exactly a holiday it was a company retreat but wives and partners were allowed to go so under normal circumstances I would have gone along too. He went to Macau which he did not find to be that impressive, it's like Vegas but all in Chinese. There are historic parts of town but unless you are into gambling you are not going to enjoy it much. Yesterday he went to visit Hong Kong and he fell in love with it. He said it's so clean and modern but with older building and that the streets are like those of London. He spent the day exploring with some colleagues and managed to do some shopping at an open air market. He said that he ate the best Chinese food ever and that we don't even know what Chinese food is like until we have tried the real deal. That made me so hungry and still does as I type!! LOL I cannot wait to hear all about it in more details and seeing the pictures!! I miss him so much when he is gone and for the last 2 weekends and more he has been so busy with work and then this trip and I already know this week is a short one as he is off to Belgium for his brother's wedding on Friday morning till Sunday night. I cannot wait for a weekend just the two of us away from it all. Anyway, he is coming back tonight and he will be all mine for the next 5 days ... that's what counts!! Cannot wait.. I feel like a child!!!


  1. Happy 100th post!!! Thanks for stopping over to my blog & for the info on belly cream, definitely going to look into it!!! Hope you have a fantastic 5 days with the hubby:)

  2. Happy 100 post! So I'm from Bologna! I'll be checking your blog often! Fran

  3. happy 100th!!! laura - i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the first color on the left. that is my all time favorite nursery room color. it's sooo pretty, and for both boys and girls. i made the mistake of insisting that we paint the 2nd bedroom yellow when we bought our place (it USED to be my fav nursery color) and now i want it changed pronto, but i'll wait for a bfp first.

    your massage sounds like it was bliss!! glad you're pampering yourself :o)

  4. yeah for 100 posts!! the colors you have are leaning towards are beautiful. I am so glad you enjoyed your massage - I have been thinking about searching for a place to get one. Hope you enjoy the time with your DH this week. = )

  5. Thank you ladies!!! I am making the most of the 5 days I have with D, not going to waste a second!!

    Rebecca - I hope you like the belly cream.. I was sold from the first try! :)

    Fran - piacere conoscerti!! Che bello sapere che ci sono altre Italiane che bloggano in Inglese!!! Complimenti ancora per il tuo piccolo/a, prego perche tutto continui benissimo per te!!

    Sienna - I too painted our first baby room yellow. We have since moved home and left the yellow room behind. I have done some research and yellow is not advisable for kids room as apparently babies cry more in yellow rooms!! Cannot wait till you get to repaint.. well your DH will repaint you can supervise!!! Even more fun!

    Leslie- I hope you can find a good place for a pregnancy massage they are truly relaxing!

  6. Your paint swatches are awesome. Congrats on post #100!

  7. Hey,
    I've enjoyed stumbling over your blog. I want to follow you and keep up, but I just wanted to say congrat. I have PCOS and have been trying to conceive for over two years now. So I can relate and understand how you feel. Feel free to check out my blog, I'd love to add your blog to my blog roll, and I hope you will follow me, and add me as one of your favorite sights. I'll be praying for you. Here's my blog. Follow me.

    God Bless,

  8. Congratulations on 100!!! Love reading your blog!!!

    Also, that is great about painting the nursery - it's going to be fabulous. There's something about a room all fixed up that makes you think it's real. And I'm proud of you for going to get that massage - you deserve it!