May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all who are already mothers, to those who are mothers to be, to those who are mothers at heart and waiting for their baby and to those mothers who are now Angels looking after their own children from above.

I always loved Mother's Day because it has always been a day of celebrations in my family. I remember as a kid I would prepare breakfast in bed and lovely cards for my mom and on the day we made sure my mom felt super pampered. I always send her flowers except for this year as she said NOT to send her any (florist issues!). My mom and I have always shared a very tight bond. We have our fights and disagreements on things but we always make up and even if we are miles apart we remain very close. I love hearing the story of how much my mom longed for me. Of how much she wanted a girl after having my brother 2 and half years before. She dressed in pink for most of her pregnancy and dreamed of me and how I would be. During her ultrasound she was the one that told the doctor that I was going to be a girl! She always describes me as a good baby, one that ate, didn't fuss and slept. My mom was a stay at home mom not by choice but because of the fact that she was an air force wife and as such she could not change jobs every 3 years. I personally loved having her home every day after school but I also know how much she would have like to keep working too. She made a home for us wherever we went and never once I have I heard or about yet another move. She was always patient with both my brother and I and she always took our side whenever we were in trouble. She truly is a super mom. I always said to my mom that if we knew each other growing up we would be friends for sure. For the last two years she has been taking care of my dad who suffered a massive stroke in March 2008. We were so worried for them both as both my brother and I live in different countries as my parents. My mom has never been a woman of many words but since the stroke and my dad suffering from Aphasia, she has found a strong voice for both my dad and herself. She is an amazing woman and I am so so proud she is my mom because it is because of her love and devotion that I am the woman I am today.

Today I also celebrate Mother's Day with my own little princess. I might not be able to wake her up with a kiss and a cuddle yet but she is growing within me. She is 18 weeks old today, she is all ours and I am her mommy. I still cannot believe how blessed we have been to be where we are now and I thank God and pray for him to keep Isabella Anna safe now and for the rest of her life. I know Isabella has a beautiful and super protective Guardian Angel already in D's mom who passed away in November 2008. Isabella was conceived just around the time of her birthday and we believe she had something magical do with it. Today I remember her and wish her a Happy Mother's Day wherever she might be. D sent me a message from Isabella wishing me a happy Mother's Day and of course I started crying. Today it's a beautiful day.. one that I will cherish forver.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Laura! This is a beautiful post.

  2. Happy Mothers day Mommy-to-be!!!!

  3. Happy Mothers Day, came across your blog from Stress Free Infertility, great advice & wonderful to hear your success story:)