May 2, 2010

We went shopping!!!!

After researching prams and car seats for about 4 months.. or 2 years and 4 months... I was sold on The pushchair and The car seat for us. Then after getting a very long email from a Britax representative I have discovered that the chances of me getting a Britax prams are zero and that it would cost way to much to buy it in the UK and get my brother to send it over. Plus if anything goes wrong with it there is no way of getting replacement parts etc.

So I went back to my original idea which was to purchase a Phil & Teds pushchair. I did a lot of research and found out that there are adaptors for the P&T that allow you to put the car seat onto the pushchair. So now the only remaining question is which model to get. I cannot decide between the Sport or the Dash. I keep reading that they are both as good as each other, the Sport being the more basic model and the Dash being the upgraded model up from the Sport. There are plus and minuses I am still trying to figure out with both and once I make up my mind I will decide what to go for. I am leaning towards the Dash as it's a newer improved model and all the issues that people had with it in the earlier days post release have now been resolved. I am waiting for my paypal to be approved before I can go ahead and purchase it so I have still a bit of time to think things over. The store we went to had the E3 which is an earlier model but I didn't feel like buying something that was already outdated plus the only colour they had was navy blue and I prefer the red or black.

As for the car seat we got the one I wanted yesterday. We got the Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix which is the model I have researched and which has won a lot of awards for its safety records. I felt like a child in a candy store when we got it and I jumped and sang all the way out of the store!! Every time I turned and saw the car seat in the back seat made me smile.. I am tempted to get it fixed just so that I am constantly reminded that it's really happening!! We wanted to get the ISOFIX bases to go with it but they were out of stock. It was not a big deal and the guy in the store told us that there is a store across town that sells them. We then went to have a lovely lunch with a friend who is visiting us and then we headed home... or so I thought. D took a road we normally don't take and then he made a turn and I said.. are you taking me to buy the bases?? And he just smiled!! I kissed him and started screaming because I was so happy!! I swear they tell you baby shopping is fun but this is just the BEST!! So D bought me the two bases, one for my car and one for his and then we went home.. for real this time. I had a wonderful day and spent all night playing with my new purchase!!
Whilst we were in "baby land" I bought another pair of work trousers and I also got a body pillow. I have been wanting to buy a baby pillow since sleeping on my belly has become impossible and yesterday we found the one for me. It's super soft and long enough so that I can really hug it. I slept much better with it even though turning with it proved rather difficult. I am sure once I get used to it I will love it. D was joking how he has now been replaced by a pillow and how it feels like he is having a threesome... but not the type he had in mind!! HAHAHA!!!

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  1. This is so very cool! I love that you're doing some amazing shopping - enjoy this!!!!