May 12, 2010

First baby kicks... oh what a bliss!!!

Today he best thing in the world happened to me. I was sitting at my desk working away when all of a sudden I feel the softest little kicks in the lower right part of my uterus. I have felt this kind of butterflies before but only when I am about to fall asleep and all is quiet but then when I place my hand there the kicks are gone. Well, today the kicks were still there when I put my hand there. It was incredible and only last about a minute but it was amazing!! That was our little girl telling mommy that she is there to stay and that I better believe it. I have waited for this moment since turning 16 weeks and couldn't wait to experience it, now it's happened once I cannot wait for the next time she will make herself known to me. I wished D could have been here to feel her too but I am sure there will be plenty more chances.

I am finally starting to feel back to my normal self. I have been nursing a cough/cold since last Tuesday and stayed home from work for two days last week to recover. Now I only have a it of a cough left and the rest is gone which is great. I felt so powerless when it all started as I didn't know what could help me in terms of home remedies. So I stuck with drinking hot milk with honey first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Then I would have lots of orange juice and water through the day. I kept on eating, mainly soups and then at the weekend D made me the loveliest of spaghetti bolognese and Japanese noodles which tasted like heaven and I am sure they also helped in my speedy recovery! I didn't take any medication not even Panadol because I wanted to control this without meds and I am lucky to say it worked. The only thing I allowed myself when the coughing was really persistent was Halls sweets for my throat (max of 2 a day). I have been so strict when it comes to taking any sort of medications and the whole time I have been pregnant so far I have only taken 2 panadols.. also luckily I have never needed to take any more. Lucky all around!

I have not posted a belly picture last week as I was sick so to make up for it... here is one taken yesterday at 18 weeks and 2 days. The belly is really getting rounder and growing so fast now. I cannot stop touching it and caressing it, hoping that the gentle cuddles are felt inside too.


  1. Wow - your first kick! How exciting!!!! And I can't wait to feel the same...

    That's awesome you haven't taken much medication - what resolve. You are very inspiring!!!

  2. You look super cute! Congrats on the kicks.

  3. I can't beleive your 18 weeks already! Those first kicks are amazing. When I first felt mine I was sitting at my desk working as well...and it made me jump. Your baby bump is getting big fast!!!

  4. Yay for the first kicks! Nothing can bring a smile to your face faster. Get ready for more - you will enjoy them all!