April 20, 2010

When too much choice is a bad thing..

I started looking at prams two years ago when we first started TTC. Of course over the last two years I did not allow myself to look properly as I could not get pregnant and it was too painful. Now that I am pregnant I have come to realise that it's a real challenge to find the right pram for your baby. The choice makes your head spin. I have been researching for the best pram for our Peanut for weeks now and I think I have found the one but there is part of me that is not 100% sure and now I am starting to wonder if the perfect pram really exists! It's not a matter of just finding the right pram. You can find the perfect pram then realise that the car seat you wanted does not go with your pram or you can find the car seat that is safe and secure but it does not fit on the pram that you really want. It's really hard work. Then of course you think you are getting there and have found the right pram and then you google reviews of the pram and read that it's not as great as you think it is.. and the search starts again!

The truth is that we don't want something crazy or over the top. What we want are the following:
  1. safe and secure car seat with Isofix base;

  2. a pram that is compatible with the car seat so that if the baby is asleep in the car seat we can attach the car seat to the pram without waking him/her;

  3. we want a pram/stroller that can be used from birth preferably without the use of a separate carrycot;

  4. easy to fold;

  5. wide enough so that baby is comfy as he grows.

Now tell me if I am asking too much? As I typed this I got distracted and conducted another search and I think I might have found THE one. It's not a fashionable-celebrity kind of pushchair, it more of an unknown safe brand. The name is Britax and it's a German brand and it's safety records is one of the best in the world for car seats. Our Peanut is going to be safe! They make stylish and practical pushchairs and amongst them it's the one I like the most. It's called B-Smart and it ticked all the boxes above. We can use it from birth as it reclines flat, it's light but stable, I can add the car seat to it, it's easy to fold, it has plenty of space for Peanut's things, the seat can either face us or to the outside, the tyres are anti puncture and on and on! We are also going to buy the car seat with its Isofix base from the same brand because as I have said they have one of the safest records when it comes to baby safety. The colour selection is not as large as other makes but that's not the main selling point for me. They have a lime green and a red which are cool.. or a classic black or denim. We shall see.

Now after all of this search you would think that all I am left to do is go to a store and try it. Well I wish I could do that but it seems that Britax is not easily available in the UAE. So I am back to searching mode trying to locate stores that sell it. Wish me and poor D luck!


  1. I think the pram you picked out looks fabulous! Very sleek, and sounds like it has great qualities... Good luck finding it! I went to Dubai for the first time in August - it was bizarre, but I loved it! We've considered moving there, but it's not in the cards right now. I bet your run into all kinds of challenges and stories!

    Also, thank you so much for your advice on my blog - I really appreciate it!!!

  2. That was what I wanted because of its car seat addition (Steelcraft strider) but DH said no because he hated the look of it. Argh.

    Hope you find the one you want.