April 11, 2010

To a good break and to being 14 weeks!!!

This weekend D had his company retreat and he organised it so that I could go along too. I really needed a break from my normal routine and going to a 5 star hotel did the trick! The feeling of being somewhere completely different and not having to deal with every day crap made me so excited. I was literally jumping up and down because I was so excited!!! It was my first break since Christmas so it came at the right time. The hotel was ok. I work in the hotel industry so I know what I should and should not expect to find and this hotel was a bit of a let down but the infinity pool was amazing. Thursday night we went shopping for a swimsuit for me. After 10 years of fitting into the same swimsuits I no longer can. My boobs are too big and my bum is getting wider...haha. So I went and got this funky tankini from Billabong and I love it! The next day D had meetings up until 2.30 so I did some more shopping and found this adorable outfit for Peanut and I had to get it!! Daddy loved it too! I then hanged out at the pool and loved it. Peanut took his first swim and I could tell it was a success!! I felt so refreshed and light in the water and didn't want to come out. D joined us after his meetings which was lovely and we all hanged out in the pool for a while. Then D got ready and headed for a dinner and I just hang out in a mall next to the restaurant. I found 3 new maternity bras that are too tight around my waist so I need an bra extender for them. I am struggling with bras and just wish there was a place I could go to that would measure my correct bra size! Anyway bras aside I had a lovely weekend and now that I am back at work I wish I was still by that amazing pool taking in the sun and dipping in that water!

Peanut is growing.. I see my belly expanding week by week and I am just so in love! Today I am 14 week pregnant and Peanut is able to frown or smile, to suck his thumb and pee! All exciting changes. He is the size of a lemon which is pretty impressive! As Peanut grows my weight is adding on too. I started off at 57/58 kg and I am now 62, so far a total gain of 4 kg in 4 months. I have been obsessed over weight half my life and I am not about to start going back to this stupid mindset now. I think it'll be easier if from now on I don't know how much I gain. We don't have a scale at home so the only time I will find out will be at the doctor's office every 3 weeks or so and I can live with that. It's healthy weight and as long as the doctor thinks all is ok then that's all that counts. I know I eat healthy so if the weight is coming on it must be for a good reason! My hand allergy flared up again on Friday but now it seems under control. After getting some advice from BBC I bought some moisture gloves to wear at night. I shall try them tonight and see if they help.
I have created a collection of bump pics to show how I have changed so far but I am too sleepy yo add them now and my lunch break is over and I have to go back to work... if my brain allows me to!!!

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