April 14, 2010

Last night of progesterone... and other news

Tonight and tomorrow morning will be the last night/day of progesterone suppositories. Part of me is so super excited to be done with progesterone and all that messy stuff.. but the other part of me feels a tiny bit scared. If I allow the scared part to take control I end up with a lot of "what ifs". My RE told me that I didn't need it any longer last week at 12 weeks and that I could stop taking it but then she asked if I had any left and if I did to just finish that box. So here I am a week later with with two suppositories left to take. I feel like it's another part of the process that I can tick off the list. I am so thankful for progesterone because I believe that the high dosage I was on to begin with has helped in sustaining this pregnancy and I know when we do IVF number 3 for baby number 2 that is exactly what I would want to do. The rational part of my brain knows that the placenta, which is now well formed, will just take over and that it probably has already done so. It's the other part I am trying to keep at bay. I think, as long as I don't over think it, I will be ok.
Yesterday I master the guts to have a chat with my boss about my maternity leave. He is the most supportive boss so I knew it would not oppose and yet I felt extremely anxious about it. I told him my dates and he simply said "fine, no issues". I breathed a sight of relief!! I then went to speak to our Director of HR and she said the days are fine and that I am not asking for anything crazy so she is happy with it. Another sight of relief. Then today the head of HR spoke to our MD and he was a bit shocked at first but then asked me my due date and said congratulations which was nice. Now I am waiting for his say on my maternity leave entitlement.. I really hope it's another yes. I will keep praying for it and will let you know how it goes. In this Region maternity leave is not a straight forward matter. Employers give 45 calendar days to their employees and that is considered generous! So what I have asked for is my 45 calendar days and combined it with my yearly annual leave (30 working days) and to that I have added another 1 unpaid calendar month. So this works out to 3 and a half months. Keep your fingers crossed it all gets approved!!
In other news, D will be travelling to Macau for an extended weekend retreat with his company at the end of May. We considered me going along but it's too much hassle. It's an 9 hour flight each way plus ferry to get there and then he would be busy for one day and then we would have one day together and back home. It's too much for me. So he will be going solo. Then the week after is his brother's wedding in Belgium and again it's another 6.30 hours flight each way for a total stay of 4 days. Plus there is a lot of tension surrounding the wedding so I don't know it that will make things even worse for me. I will play it by ear and see how things work out as we proceed then decide at the last minute.


  1. Congratulations on graduating from progesterone! It really is a good thing, and that little guy will do just fine without your messy suppositories. :) And that's awesome about everyone being so supportive about your maternity leave - it will be very nice that you can take so much time off!

  2. It is a nerve wracking thing to stop taking the progestone but everything will be fine.