April 4, 2010

What a great day to enter into the 2nd Trimester!!!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a happy one with your loved ones and of course that you are eating huge amounts of chocolate!! Today marks the day I enter the second trimester and I am just so so happy we are here! It’s an important milestone in pregnancy terms and I know feel a more “safe” that, God willing, all should be smooth sailing from now on. I feel so blessed to have had such a easy going pregnancy so far and I thank my body for reacting so well to being pregnant. I was expecting morning sickness galore and feeling horrible but instead I have been blessed with mild afternoon nausea and tiredness. I am one lucky mama. My baby is just the best baby in the world and I feel such a strong connection between us. If I put my hands on my left side of the belly I feel small bubbles moving around and when D puts his head there he says he feels little pushes and whooshing sounds. These noises and bubbles are only on the left side where the baby is so we know it must be him moving around in there! It has it’s time to move around and this is normally around 8.30 pm... he had his routines just like his mommy! I am so proud of our little miracle for proving everyone wrong and growing stronger each day. I am so in love with our baby and he is not even born yet.

This weekend was bittersweet as D went to Greece to visit his family for Easter and I was left behind. I cannot travel as my doctor advised against it so I took him to the airport on Friday morning and kissed him goodbye. The first night alone in the big house was scary. I woke up at 3 am and wondered around the house checking doors and windows. I have always HATED being home alone and now especially with a baby to defend I felt like a bull dog!! Looking out for possible troubles. I finally managed to fell asleep and woke up at 9.30 feeling ok. Yesterday I had a good friend over to the house so the day was filled up and lovely, then I made fish for me and Peanut and also had a 10 pm craving for pasta which was fulfilled by left over pasta!! I went to bed after watching super happy movies and slept like a big baby!! I am missing D like CRAZY.. I hate it when we are apart even for a day so for him to be gone for 5 days seems like a month to me. I cannot wait till he gets back on Tuesday night and Peanut and I get to pick him up at the airport. He needed to see his family and his grandma in particular. She is such a sweet lady and very wise. They are having a wonderful Easter lunch as we speak and I so wish I could be there too!

Today it’s a working day for me but I was determined to bring Easter in with me. I got eggs to distribute to colleagues and I was everyone’s fav person in the office!! I also went to check out the first of two nurseries we are interested in. This is not our first choice but then again they have places available so we had to check it out. I was introduced to a whole new world, the world of nurseries and nursery talk. I have to admit that my first impression was not WOW this is where I would feel comfy leaving my baby then again I am sure most parents feel the same. No place is good enough for our little ones. They showed me around and told me the rules of the nursery etc at the end they gave me a booklet with their fees and other information. I left holding on tight to my belly and thinking.. how will I ever be able to leave my baby. I know it’s going to be tough and I will cry every day and rejoice every night we get him back! I am still holding out that we get a place at this other nursery but then again we have not seen this other nursery and I could feel the same... We have until Wed at 4 pm to register Peanut and in case we decide we like the other better we lose the deposit but at least our baby will have a place to go to. A lot to think about with D when he gets back!


  1. Oh, don't take your precious new baby to a nursery! Babies need their mom to take care of them, not a stranger. :O) I was a stay-at-home mom for all 5 of our kids, and while it was definitely a huge financial sacrifice, especially since I am an attorney so had a large earning potential that was un-utilized, I don't regret a single second of it! Just wanted to come out of my usual lurking here to mention that to you.


  2. Erin, your post broke my heart. I was up all night tossing and turning about the nursery I saw and whether it will be good enough for our little one and I know it's going to break my heart every day leaving our miracle there.I wish didn't have to but unless we win the lottery we cannot afford to have me staying at home indefinately. On top of that my mom put my brother and I in nursery and we both came out the people we are today. My brother has his girls in nursery and they are confident, happy, sociable girls. I believe it's never easy to live your baby in a nursery and if I had my parents nearby I would have it otherwise but there are parents that don't have the option of staying at home and nurseries are a good option especially if you find one that is reputable, clean and well run.