April 7, 2010

13 weeks and 3 days and all is good again!

D is back and all is good in the world again. He arrived last night after a long trip with a delay but nonetheless glad to be home. I was so excited yesterday.. I felt like a teenager. I went to wash his car after work and then went shopping for food and finally home. I could not stay still and went to the airport way ahead of schedule just so that I could be there in case his flight arrived earlier. I love having him home and I told him he is not allowed to go away again. Typically his company has organized a retreat this weekend but we are working around it and if all works out I will be going along too. I cannot stand to have to let him go after having just getting him back! Hopefully it will all work out!

This morning we went for our end of our first trimester u/s and to make it special it was a normal u/s not an internal one! When she said let’s look how the baby is doing I got ready on the table with my button clothes off.. then she said it was going to be an external one! HAHA It does not matter of course but I thought it was funny. She pressed gently on my belly and felt the uterus and then held my hand to show me where it is and did the same to D so he could feel it too. It starts from about an inch under my belly button. You can feel soft skin and then all of a sudden hard. Then we were ready to look at our little Peanut and there he/she was. Moving about his arms and hands and feet and legs. It was incredible! The doctor did the NT scan again and as last time all looked great then she measured his head and he is measuring a week ahead of schedule. Then his body and all looks great, Peanut measure about 10 cm now and about a week ahead of schedule! She looked for the sex but it’s too early as all looks about the same so she said to wait. We don’t mind waiting as long as all looks great that’s all that matters. We are going back in 3 weeks. I don’t know how I will survive that long without seeing Peanut but as I saw that everything looked great now I will hopefully manage another 3 weeks. She also mentioned that she will send us to a doctor in a neighboring city who does 3 and 4 d ultrasounds at around 20 weeks for the morphology ultrasound. We love the sound of seeing our baby in 3d!! Should be incredible! I also got the news I have been waiting for, after I finish the new box of progesterone I bought this week I get to stop it completely and as of today I can stop doing the weekly injections.

I then went to register Peanut at the first nursery I went to see. It’s good to have a back up place just in case the other one does not come through. I am asking a friend to help as he knows the owner of this one nursery. D said it is so funny how we are already fussy about which nursery to send the baby too.. how are we going to be like for schools!!! Love it!!

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  1. Wow - congratulations on having an awesome ultrasound, and for graduating to the non-invasive kind! So nice to have your hubby home, I'm sure!

    And definitely be fussy about the nursery - this is your baby, for pete's sake! :)