December 5, 2009

where to begin?

So here I am writing a blog about our infertility journey. I have actually started many blogs that I later deleted as I could not publish them as I was too scared. Infertility is not something people talk about easily, people avoid talking about it and would rather admit to a disease than being infertile.. but then again there are many blogs out there on infertility. Brilliant, informative, amazing blogs written by women who cannot keep all of this inside themselves. I cannot help but talk about it. Trying to get pregnant and having a family is what we have been trying to do for the last two years and after many tests, painful exams, procedures and one failed IVF cycle here I am finally taking the plunge and blogging.

I have kept a diary through this whole process. I kept it from the early days... the days of preparation, what I call now the 'happy days'. The days where we still didn't know we needed IVF to get pregnant, the days when I still listened to friends' advice to get drunk/go on holiday and I would get pregnant... those were bliss full days! As I have all of this, I would like to share some with the world in the hope that they might be helpful or be of support to someone out there reading this.

In Jan 2010 we will be embark on IVF cycle number 2 and going through it I would like to keep a diary so that we won't feel so alone through this. IVF cycles are not exactly social times and the more support we can get from people who are not directly involved the better. We didn't tell our families about the first cycle until it failed as we could not stand the pressure and we will do the same this time around. In the meantime I will add some entries from my diary in the hope they might help....

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