December 7, 2009

AF is here... we have a starting date for our next cycle

Ok so yesterday evening AF showed up as expected and we have a starting date for the next cycle!! We will start the meds on the 3rd of Jan. I really don't know what it is with us and the number 3, we had our ET last time on the 3rd of Oct and then the dreaded Beta on the 13th. Now we will start on the 3rd.. I hope it's a good omen not a bad sign!

Tonight I got to the RE to check on a few things. I want to ask her whether she would recommend a 5 day transfer this time or whether she would still go for a 5 day. I read so many articles on both and there are benefits and negatives for both so it's really a tough choice. I remember she mentioned that she feels the embryos are better off in their natural environment but then again I rather wait and see which ones are making it to blasts as that is a good indication of how healthy and strong they are. It should be a fun discussion and D is in meetings all day so he won't make it. Let's hope my mind does not freeze and it usually does in this circumstances!!

Wish me luck!

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