June 16, 2010

Letter to my daughter

According to a website I subscribe to, one of the tasks for this week is writing an open letter to my unborn daughter. A letter to cherish and treasure in years to come. Here is my working progress.

Dear Isabella,
you are 23 weeks and 3 days old today and as I type you are happily kicking away. You are such an active baby and I love you for every kick and every movement you make me aware of. I cherish your kicks because they remind me that you are real, you are not just one of my happy dreams. I know you are growing strong and healthy with each day that passes because your kicks are getting stronger and your movements more obvious. Last night daddy got a good kick as he was trying to hear you and said you are definitely going to be a footballer like him! Yesterday you were very quiet until around 10.30 pm when you decided it was party time. I think you enjoyed hearing your dad's voice so much you wanted to show him just how much you missed him during the day.

I tell you all the time how clever you already are. Whenever I am having a tough day in the office or when I am feeling down, you sense it and give me a gentle kick to remind me of what is important in life... YOU. You are truly the sunshine of my life and now you came into my life I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Whenever I look at your pictures I get a new sense of peace that I don't even could exist. You are such a pretty baby, with your cute little nose that, thank God, does not look like mommy's nose and your cute chin and long fingers. You are the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, I cannot wait to see your smile and ear your laugh because that smile will be the most beautiful of smiles and that laugh will be like music to my ears.

Daddy and I are busy preparing your room and we truly hope you will like it as much as we do. We have taken our time in getting started with it but we hope to get it ready for your arrival. We picked a nice baby blue colour to make it bright and light. Within the coming weekends and once the room is ready we are going to buy your cot and all the other things you could possibly need. We hope this room will be your happy place to play in and spend many days discovering every corner and also a safe place for you to feel secure and serene in. You will have the cool morning sunshine to wake up to and be sheltered during the warmer parts of the day. I am sure you will want to change it around once you grow up but for now we hope it suits your personality.

I feel so connected to you my sweet that I am sure once you are born, even if our bodies will no longer be connected, we will still have that amazing bond. I will miss having you inside of me and I will miss being pregnant with you because it's one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We longed for you for a long time my sweet and when you finally came into our lives we were amazed at all the different and amazing experiences we were living. From the first time we saw you on the screen, to the first time we heard your heart beating so strong, to the time we saw what your face looks like, all has been a dream come true. At times I still cannot believe we have been so blessed to have you in our lives and yet when I look at my growing belly and see your movements through my own skin, I know all is real and life is just perfect.

My little sweet you are one loved and wanted baby and we hope you are able to feel all that love. I hope you are able to feel daddy's kisses and cuddles and my gentle strokes, I hope they reassure you that the journey you are on is just beginning and that you have a wonderful life ahead of you. I have so many hopes and dreams for you sweetie pie but mainly I want for you to be happy in your life. I will do my very best to ensure that your childhood is a Happy one filled with laughter and joy. I will try my best to learn nursery rhymes with you so that I am able to sing you lullabies before bedtime and sing along to happy tunes. You seem to like Twinkle Twinkle already even though mummy only knows the first couple of lines.

I am sure you will love daddy telling you stories just as much as I do. They will spark your imagination and your curiosity and inspire you to want to see more than what is just in front of you. Your daddy is one amazing man my sweetie pie and he is so in love with you and cannot wait to hug you in his arms and kiss your rosy cheeks. He wanted you as much as I wanted you and even if he does not feel the bond I feel for having you grow inside of me, I can sense he is already connected to you. I have a feeling you will get along great and you will be his ray of light. His face already lits when he comes in and see my big belly because you are inside of it, he cannot stop kissing it and telling you how much he loves you. I am sure you feel all of his love but I cannot wait for that day in October for when the two of you meet face to face. It's going to be the best day of my life.

Ok, mommy got carried away with her words but when I start talking or writing about you, my little principessa I am not able to stop! I think I could talk about you all day if given the chance. Until next time, keep kicking my sweet angel and keep growing strong and healthy. I love you with all my heart and soul.
Your mommy xxx


  1. Hello. Your letter is beautiful. I have tears in my eyes after reading it.