June 9, 2010

Isabella's kicks

Isabella kicks a lot these days and I love it. She has her cycles of kicks. They go something like this:
  1. I eat breakfast and after about 20 minutes the kicking starts;

  2. I have a mid morning snack, bananas and raspberry yogurts are her favourites, and around 30 minutes later she starts kicking away again or moves from one position to the other;

  3. I then I go for lunch and she does not kick straight away. She normally waits until the afternoon snack 2 or 3 pm to really kick and move around loads;

  4. She is quiet for most of the afternoon kicking a little here and there and then when we go home from work she does one or two kicks (I think she can feel how happy I am to be going home!) LOL;

  5. Then after dinner she kicks some more just so that daddy can feel her strong kicks;

  6. I have never been woken up by her but once when we had a late night out I found she could not settle and was kicking away whilst I was trying to sleep.

Such a routine loving baby just like her mommy... I wonder if once she is born she will be the same or she will start rebelling and stay up all night and hate mornings like her daddy. Only time will tell but so far I am enjoying her timely kicks and movements. D used to be able to hear her movements by putting his ear to my belly but now he can just put his hand there and feel her strong kicks or see how she is moving around even from the outside.

In other news I am so looking forward to spending the weekend with D! It's been 4 weeks since we had a weekend together so this one is going to be super special. We want to go get the paint we have chosen and D said he will start painting. I prepared the room but still need to take the curtains down so that he can paint away. It's such a shame I won't be able to join in the fun but only watch from afar but I know it needs to get done so I won't complain. I also learned that our much loved pram which is still on its way will come all the way from New Zealand! I knew Phil & Teds is from New Zealand but I didn't know our pram would come directly from there! When I told D all he said was: "couldn't you buy it from somewhere closer?" I have said.. I didn't know! LOL

On Friday at 4.30 we have our first parenting class. I cannot wait to see what it's like! They are meant to be informative and teach you techniques for labour and also tell us about the hospital's policy on pain management. The midwife asked me if I wanted an elective C-section as she mentioned that a few IVF ladies she has seen in the past wanted that. I don't want a C-section unless it's necessary and I will leave that to the doctor to decide. I do want pain management drugs and I do want to learn more about their side effects on me and the baby also. She mentioned that with some drugs you might have issue if you want to breast feed so I would definitely want to know more. D is also super excited to go we and both hope it will be informative and fun also!

Friday is also the start of the World Cup and we cannot wait! We are big football (soccer) fans and cannot wait for it to get started. We will support Italy (my country) and Greece (D's half Greek) as Belgium did not make it. We were meant to go to South Africa to watch some matches but when when we found out I was pregnant we decided to cancel and I am glad we did. I could not see myself going from game to game and of course I cannot travel so that's out of the question. We will watch it from the comfort of our living room and we plan on having friends over for some of the matches too for pizza and beer nights. Should be GREAT fun!


  1. All I know is that if they have the hiccups a lot in the womb they will have a lot of hiccups in their infancy. Gotta love those kicks!

  2. Love the kicking - what a cutie telling you hello! Enjoy the class - I hope to get a full report!

  3. That is so neat that your little girl has such a schedule going already = ) Hope your parenting class is fun and informative. If you learn any helpful hints, it would be great to hear!!! !

  4. Have fun at the parenting classes...I loved going to our labor classes, they are fun.

  5. We starting childbirth classes two weeks ago. There are some things I have learned and some were review.
    Baby Ava is on a kicking or moving around schedule too!