June 13, 2010

D's first Father's Day

Today in Belgium is Father's Day so given D is half Belgian we celebrate Father's Day! I bought him a card from Izzy and of course in the rush to getting to work I forgot to give it to him as planned and wish him happy father's day. (pregnant brain is hitting me hard!!). I called him instead once I got to work and told him that Isabella wanted to wish him Happy Father's Day. He seemed to excited about it and was taken aback when I told him that she wanted to wish happy father's day to the best daddy in the world. He said: "how would she know if I am the best daddy in the world?". He doesn't know it yet but he is already a great dad! He always asks me how his baby girl is doing and how she behaving, he loved hearing her move in the first few months when she was not strong enough for me to feel her move and now that she is strong and has grown so much he loves putting his hands on my belly and feel her strong kicks and movements. He covers Izzy in kisses already. He has even started painting her room yesterday and let me tell you, D is not and has never been a DIY kind of guy, he leaves that stuff to people whose job is to do this types of jobs or me before getting pregnant! Well yesterday he got the room ready and then he got started with the painting. He did such an amazing job already and has managed to do the first coating for half the room. I already know the room is going to look amazing by looking at what he has done so far! I helped with the masking tape and also by holding the ladder when he did the top portions of the ceiling. He is afraid of heights but you could not tell by looking at him yesterday, painting away and getting to those hard to get to places.

You know how some people are born to be parents, well D was born to be a dad. He has those qualities that make him a great dad, he is patient, kind, understanding, generous and easy to talk to. There isn't a day without many I love yous, plenty of kisses and cuddles. Even though Isabella is not born yet, he has started covering her in kisses and cuddling her and telling her how much daddy loves her. I already know that he is going to be the one she will go to to talk about problems and issues because she will know that he won't judge her and will be there for her no matter what. Don't get me wrong, he is not going to be a complete softy, there are things that he will not put up with such as tantrums and bullying of any type but I am sure he will be able to talk things out with her without making a huge fuss. Sometimes I close my eyes and think of that moment when Isabella will be born and D will be holding her for the first time. I tear up every time just thinking about it. That image is going to be one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

When we were TTC and then whilst going through IVF he was the one that kept on making me believe that it was still possible, that one day we will be expecting our baby and get the family we so longed for. He was so involved with the whole IVF process. He learned out to do all of my injections to be part of it and also to accommodate my need not to have to go to a hospital to do the injections. He learned and became a pro in no time. I still remember him being so nervous about mixing the drugs in the right way and injecting it without hurting me. Whenever we had accidents and with the second cycle we had a lot, I could see the pain in his eyes. I reassured him that it was not as bad as it looked but he was so happy the day we did the last injections. D was also with me for both my ERs and from my prospective he had much worst than I did. I was in agony, especially with the second one but I don't remember it, he watched it all and still remembers it very well. When I told him not to look, his reaction was as if I had lost my mind. How could he not look! What if something was going wrong, he had to know to protect me. He prayed and hoped as much as I did for IVF to work and for us to become parents and it was his involvement and the knowledge that he wanted this as much as I did that made this all much easier to fight for.

Happy Father's Day D.... we love you so much xxx


  1. Aw. We do have great husbands and daddies to be!!!

  2. Awww..so sweet. So your calling to call her Izzy for short? I love it! To cute.

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog about my dog - I appreciate it! I keep second quessing myself and to hear others say I made the right decision makes me feel a bit better.

  3. This is so sweet - love your tribute to the hubby!