December 21, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I am still here! Life is busy busy busy with a baby but it"s the best kind of busy! I love being a mom so much and I cannot stop counting my blessings! Life is amazing! I still have moments where I look at her and wonder if she is our, I still pinch mysel a lot!!

Isabella is amazing and life cannot be any better really. I will write more in the coming weeks as Isabella is settling in her own routine and I will have some more free time to return here and to your blogs... but for now Happy 2011 lovely ladies.. I have missed you!


  1. Hey stranger! :) I've been thinking about you a lot - and I always knew that you've been busy with Isabella, and I'm so happy that you are! She's adorable!!!

  2. Awwww!! She is getting so big!