November 9, 2010

25 days and growing so fast

I have been a bad bad blogger but I do have the most beautiful excuse for it... Isabella! She is the light of my day and the most amazing baby anyone could wish for. She is such a happy, smiley and good baby who sleeps at night and eats with such eagerness. I couldn't ask for more. She is growing by the day and every morning whenever I go pick her up to change her and feed her she looks like she had grown over night. I call her my Little Giant.
She already has her own routine of more frequent feeding during the day and longer sleeping periods at night. She never cries unless she is overly tired and even when hungry she never cries but almost talks to us telling us to hurry up and feed her already. She started smiling about two weeks ago and hasn't stopped since. She gives us the cutest smiles when we least expect it and we just melt like butter. We hold her to help her fall asleep and we cuddle her for hours just because we can. People tell us that is not good but we argue otherwise, we don't think there is anything wrong in hugging and cuddling our baby girl as much as she needs to.
I was preoccupied about being on my own with her after D went back to work but the first week went like a breeze and this week I feel like things have always been this way. Isabella runs our routine and I adapt to what she feels like on a day to day basis. We do go out together on short outings whether it's to the local shops or for a walk around the neighbourhood. She loves her pram and I can now safely say it was the best buy so far. As much as some babies like their car seats, Isabella prefers to lie flat so she loves it when after a car ride I place her in her pram, she normally falls asleep straight away.
D and I still have moments where we look at Isabella and wonder how we got so lucky. She truly is the most adorable baby girl and we cannot believe we made her...that she is half me and half him.. She makes all the struggles of getting here seem so worth it and she makes us want to have more children as soon as we can.
Anyway, it's almost feeding time and I better go but before I do, here are a few pictures of our Little Giant:


  1. She is amazing Laura, I mean it!!! Is she like you had imagined? I remember you had a post where you were pondering how she would have looked like.

    so so happy for you my friend, I can't wait to be there myself and see if Elvis (or Elvissina!) is anything like I'm imagining it!
    Much love and keep doing whatever you are doing because it's obviously the right thing!

  2. She is soooo super cute and I understand the whole 'giant' thing. Babe grew 4 inches the first two months and she was the same height as your babe when born. She just looks so amazing. Glad everything is going awesome.

  3. Oh wow - what a wonderful post!!! I'm so happy that she's an easy baby for you. It sounds like everything is going so well, and I would definitely continue with whatever you're doing!

    "She makes all the struggles of getting here seem so worth it and she makes us want to have more children as soon as we can." You give me so much hope. You are a big reason as to why I have hope, and continue to keep going - I so want to be you!!! :) Thanks for being there!

  4. Oh Laura, Laura, Laura...
    These pictures really are a dream come true. I know you and D are worn completely out but still over the moon with delight. She really is so very perfect. We cherish every picture you share with us and feel so honored to be part of your journey.

  5. Thats so great things are going smoothly for you. She is a cutie. I still look at Cassie at 2 years old and can't beleive that little girl was inside me...these girls are such blessings.

  6. Isabella is beautiful!! What wonderful pictures! I am so happy to hear that everything is going well. Please tell me your secrets on how she sleeps well at night = ) I am glad that running solo while D is at work has been easier that you thought. I am so happy for you!! Happy almost 4 week birthday!!

  7. Thinking of you. Needing some baby pictures, please!!! Merry Christmas!

  8. Where did you go?

  9. Hello!! I wanted to stop by to say hello. I wanted to see how your holidays were with Isabella? And see how you are doing! I hope well. Thinking of you & Isabella!