July 22, 2014

What's in a name?

When we were expecting both our girls we knew what their names would be pretty early on. We always liked the way Isabella sounded and how it would remain the same no matter which language we pronounced it in. We come from 3 different backgrounds, Italian, Greek and Belgian and English is our main language at home, so we knew it had to be a name that could be easily translated into many languages. With Francesca, I just loved the name and for some reason it seemed as if she was telling me she was called Francesca. I knew she was Francesca before I even knew she was a girl.

Now with a boy, we are having a difficult time figuring out what to call him. We always had difficulty figuring out boys names but we always like Gabriel but now we really have to come up with one name it is proving to be so difficult. Gabriel changes into Gabriele in Italian and other names in all our other languages and on top of it one of my dad's cousins is Gabriele and they don't get along and as a result they have ruined the name for me. One name that sticks out at the moment is Ruben, I don't even know why or how but it does sound like it could be 'the one. It would stay the same no matter the language and I just love the sound of it. One small problem is that D does not love it as much. I completely respect his decision and of course it has to be a name we both love. With Isabella he was really set on Sofia, he liked the sound of it and the name generally but he respected the fact that I didn't love it. I liked it but I didn't love it. Then he suggested Isabella and it instantly felt right. We both loved it. So I think of Ruben as the male version of Sofia. 

As a result we have been searching and keeping our ears peeled in case the right name is called out or spoken. So far no luck. D has suggested a few namely Eden, Valentino and I like Paolo. They are all excellent names but none of them have taken my fancy as much Ruben has.  So we keep looking and hoping to hear his name... hopefully before or shortly after he is born.

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